View Full Version : [DCD] Agent Assist

03-16-2019, 02:52 AM
DCD = Division Community Development

This clan was set up with the intent of being open to all Agents, whether new or veteran, PVE or PVP, casual or hardcore. A place where agents can help each other in missions and are willing to share their understanding of game mechanics.

This is an attempt to help ease some agent's frustrations and keep them from leaving the game, helping the community grow and advance so that there will be plenty of agents to group up with in all the activities the Division 2 has to offer.

I've had friends who were terrified of PVP in Division 1 until I explained it to them and had them join me. Now they love it.

The bonus too is the clan benefits. I expect it to start slow as I would prefer agents joined on their own than bugging all my friends about it.
Check it out.