View Full Version : A few suggestons for developers to consider

03-15-2019, 07:44 PM
I have been playing since August of 2018 and do enjoy the game very much but have found a few things I think the developers might at least consider.
1. Lower breeding cost and raise success of breeding at the start if the player is breeding from their own stock, not free and guaranteed but say no more than 3000 for breeding common horses, 4000 for fantasy, 5000 for constellations and 6000 for exclusive horses if both stallion and mare belong to the player. Have the chance for the new breed or next tier be at least 25%, more of course can be gained using diamonds. The prices etc. for when breeding with other players could remain.
2. Update the "wheel" you get when you level a horse from levels 10-15 to give only skill upgrades, weather skills/upgrades or diamonds. No food or coins, those are too easy for any player to get even at lower levels honestly so getting them feels like an insult after all the effort to get your horse to those levels.
3. I know you are gaining income by only allowing Constellation 3s and 1s to be purchased but bring back the Constellation event please. With the fact players want this and would then spend money buying diamonds etc. there as well I believe you would gain even more than just offering them for limited times for sale.
4. Please do something to make the Nordic steeplechase not a total nightmare to run. The running in the dark idea is cool but the fast changing camera angles, steeples hidden on bridges which you cannot see due to these camera angles and the lighting so they trip you up are the most annoying things in the world and I know more than one player who has stated they hate this race.
5. What is the purpose of the clubs? I have never seen anything about a "club event" except that when you go to pet your horses there it same they are all full and come back later for a chance at rewards.
6. Allow players to sell decorations from their storage. Even just for coin as if others are like myself I have many I do not want to use in my villages because they just do not look like what I would want there.

Those are more than enough to be reviewing I think. Thank you for all you have created over all this is really a very fun game to play and I am sure I will continue playing for quite a long time.