View Full Version : Please Fix

03-15-2019, 06:14 PM
Hello, I have encountered some issues with with my skills being sent out then going on 15 second cool down instantly. The assault turret doesn't even get time to shoot. The hive glitchs were it shoot 3-4 armor then will break, or sometime just break right away. The hive is only when in combat. I get a glitch when trying the throw any seeker mine that it get stuck in my hand and I have to press triangle to get my weapon back out. I would like to keep playing with the different skills but right now they just don't work.

I think the brightness needs to be fixed because in the dark it literally black and if I put my brightness up any more its impossible to see in the sunlight. There should be a better balance. and I have a great tv 4k top pf the line.

Can you please allow use to put our sensitivity higher. I have everything at 100 my dead zone off and it is still slow for my liking, I would appreciate that.

The game is beautiful and amazing. it is better then the beta, I am glad that you changed a few things I didn't like about the beta, I hope the beta didn't make people not want the game because I am loving the game I always have the division series. Thank you for giving us a great game. just please try and fix the color and skill issues.