View Full Version : Can’t progress in main mission after helping friend with the Castle

03-15-2019, 04:20 PM
Yesterday I joined a friend while he was doing the castle quest. I was on the same part of the story as he was. When I loaded to his server, I was standing in front of the storm hatch’s that are closed. He said he had to kill a few npcs to get to where I was. All I did was walk up to the hatch, watched a cut scene down in a basement, then we did a mission where at the end we escorted a rocket from one place to another. I then logged out for the night.

My issue now is that to progress any farther in the main story it tells me to go back to that same storm hatch and “speak with Alani Kelso”. I can not move forward in the main story. I have also tried to clear out the side missions around it, and the conflict points.

I’ve also tried to restart my PS4 a few times.

Anyone else have this issue/fix?