View Full Version : Patch Notes [March 15th, 2018]

03-15-2019, 03:12 PM
Hello everyone!

Here’s a rundown of some topics we added to Sam this week:

New Conversation Topics (Over 20!)


Hi! (Updated!)
What is the best thing you can do?
How can I get 20% off the Ubisoft Store?
Are you married?
Happy St Patrick's day!
Which games do you support? (updated!)
When do my Units expire? (updated!)

Rainbow Six Siege

My Year 4 operators are missing!
Give me good drone spots for Outback!
How to defend House? (also works with other maps!)

The Division 2

Give me tips for The Division 2!
Where can I find outcast crates?
Tell me about the domination mode!
How can I take pictures in The Division 2?

Bug Fixes

Minor Bug fixes

Ubisoft Club Team