View Full Version : Black Screen after Twins-Kids-'Nade scene. Prosperity stuck at Lv 1.

03-15-2019, 02:26 PM

I'm in a heap o' trouble !

Steam PC. Black Screen after the twins scene with the kids and grenade.
I can hear some faint bird sound fx in the background, but the game is otherwise unresponsive.
Windows remains operable and I can close down the game via taskmanager.

Restarting brings me back into Prosperity
The Main-Quest marker reads that I have to upgrade to level 3 whilst I'm still at the lvl 1 stage.
I approach the board in the main building where it says Prosperity is level 1 and I can upgrade to level 2. (Rather confusing no?)

Starting this begins the fireworks and Twin-kids-grenade scene again with the same black screen at the end.

Before I tried upgrading (1st time), I collected/visited most locations,all strongholds at at least 1 star, all guns for hire (8/8) and all specialists (5/5).

I'm also sitting on a few tons of resources. Farmed while I delayed my story advance.
The Irony of now basically being ready to unlock it all yet being locked under it all is not lost to me..

Could it be possible the game's programming is mixing up triggers between going to lvl 2 or 3 Hometown? Causing it to get bugged.

Hope these Steam links work.





Err... I don't suppose you want a screenshot of the blackscreen right?

This is a repost in the PC section of my issue, as I first stumbled upon it via google into the PS4 section of these forums.
LINK: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2001318-Black-screen-after-upgrade-Prosperity-to-level-3

PS.: Checked game version: 1.0.4

03-15-2019, 09:56 PM
Hiya Osgorion, that's quite the issue we have here!

So to start out with, can you just confirm if you've done the usual PC Troubleshooting (https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/Faqs/000025947/Basic-PC-Troubleshooting/) for basic errors like this?

Also to be sure, have you ensured that you let the cutscene play out entirely before the blackscreen, and (this question is odd but bear with me!) have you finished the quest "Under Siege" too?

03-16-2019, 12:45 PM
System & Apps;

√ - GPU Driver Updates.
√ - Uplay Updates.
√ - Steam Updates.
√ - Windows Updates.
√ - Verified Game Cache Integrity trough Steam.
X - Re-installation of CC+ not yet attempted.
√ - Full PC Reboot.
√ - Administrator Mode.
√ - No background app or process interference.

In-Game Progression;

* Completed the prelude where you end up from the train towards Prosperity, (Linear anyway).
After that first started exploring and farming nearby surroundings. Believe I recruited Mr. Bean pretty early on.
Got a buzzer working later and increased my farming rate near prosperity. (Easy with the ridiculous respawn trough virtual distance.)
Eventually got to more exploring, recruiting all specialists and all guns for hire except for the Judge.
Found all 10 hidden staches. Did the Arena.

* Initiated the mission to save Rush, Homebase facilities all upgraded to lvl 1 at this point.

I'm not entirely certain but I think it was at this point that I talked to rush at the homebase and did "Under Siege"
I Definitely did it, Just not entirely certain anymore weither I did so BEFORE or AFTER the "Finding Joseph Seed" questline and adding the judge to my Roster.
After that I liberated.all outposts at least once, and a couple 3 stars undetected (Thank you Nana).

Rush and I had a talk about succeeding to smooth things concering Joseph Seed and his New Edeners. I suspect this may have been when my mission to upgrade to lvl 2 changed to upgrade to lvl 3 --in the journal and indicators only-- as shown on the screenshots.But my memory is fuzzy on this detail, so I'm not entirely certain.

Did all expeditions at least 1 time.

I also suspect having all lvl 1 upgrades, 5of5 specialists and 8of8 hirelings so early before further story progression could have been a huge factor, but hey I'm not a doctor here..

When I first tried to upgrade to Homebase lvl 2, Rush was no longer visually walking around in Prosperity. Though he is there in the BBQ/Beer/Fireworks cutscene.

So far, having tried all but the CC+ Re-install, it always ends up with a black screen. Tried starting the game from different locations, doing an expedition before going to the upgrade board. Tried another time with all outposts given back to the Highwaymen. Black screen still.
I will try the CC+ hassle, but I sincerely doubt it will make any difference at this point.

Hope this information may be helpful enough to you already tough.
I can't be the only PC gamer with this problem. Or maybe I am because I only got the game very recent, and the bug I experience is recent as well?

I also have a DXdiag and MSinfo ready for you to peruse.

03-18-2019, 09:17 AM
Wait, you've played Under Siege already?
Under Siege is supposed to start after the cutscene that gives you a black screen.

Below I copied what I responded in the other thread. This was written before I found out this new info, so I've put in bold some questions that are now even more important:

OK, I see the problem.
Your base is indeed level 1, but the mission says to upgrade to level 3. Which is weird because, in addition to not being level 2, you don't even have the requirements in terms of upgraded facilities.
Do you remember when this "Upgrade to level 3" mission become active? Did you talk to Rush for it? If so, what was the last story mission you've completed before talking to Rush?

Can you also take some pictures of the Journal, with your active story missions and all of the completed missions?

Did you ever try to upgrade to level 2 before it said to upgrade to level 3?
I ask because there was another problem with the doors becoming locked if you upgraded to level 2 and, during the cinematic with the barbecue, you'd close the game.
Did you, maybe, perform these steps? This would kind of explain why level 2 is skipped in your game.

I would suggest playing some other missions, maybe playing coop with someone who hasn't yet upgraded the homebase, and then trying again.
If that doesn't fix it, then I'm afraid you'd need to start a new game (and maybe make a backup of your save before you start a new game).What I think happened: you upgraded Prosperity to level 2 but closed the game during the barbecue/kid-grenade cinematic; then, when you booted up again, Prosperity reverted to level 1 but the game assumes you have upgraded to level 2 and lets you play Under Siege and go to Act 2. After completing Act 2 (and getting the Judge + Eden perks), talking to Rush gives the mission to upgrade Prosperity to level 3.
The game shows that you can upgrade to level 3 (even though the requirements aren't met - for level 3 you have to upgrade ~10 more facilities) because you can upgrade to level 2.

The part where you close the game during that cinematic and the Homebase reverts to level 1 is the same steps for the issue with the locked door, though that was fixed in v1.04.

03-18-2019, 01:35 PM
You are absolutely correct.
Yes. I did cancel it out the first time around

I did not hope story progression wouldbe forced along with the upgrade, The game only giving you 1 single save file as well as no way to abort legitimately. So I do recall just quickshut the game that 1st time.
I thought that would have been innocent as everything seemed just fine at restart. I recall the mission still stating upgrade to lvl 2.
So I suspect that one changed when I talked to Rush after I got the Judge.

I greatly suspect you are completely right about the abort glitching my save file. I've since started anew and have started farming again while avoiding to touch any quest-storyline sensitive parts for now.

The bugged saves are stored in a seperate map. Maybe I missed it, but if not; some kind of warning about the story + an "abort for now" option would not be a bad thing.. especially for first timers.

Anyhow, makes me feel safer about my new playtrough. And glad that a cause is found.

(Farcry Devs, please please pleaaaase [really meaning it there] concider multiple save options for rollbacks and/or multiple character profiles, if not now at least in future installations. I can not stressenough how invaluable this is, especially with a triggersensitive sandboxgame prone to glitching...)

[[[ And maybe you could pinpoint me to the appropriate topic about hireling AI? ]]]

** On a small sidenote/example about that: I would also feel a lot safer taking Carmina along if she stopped killing Me/Herself/Our rides/Our allies with her dynamite mania.
- For the love of all that is Holy, including cows and/or flying pigs/monkeys. Replace her DYNAMITE abilities! It's killing me! No, really... It is...
- Would help if she stopped walking in front of my scopes just when I got eyes on target/fire.
- Would save a lot of time if she got in our ride when I do. Well she does actually get in..., but that ethanol tanker got half the way to Canada by the time she does....
- It would probably also help that her warnings/calls for help don't start several minutes after the actual event. It makes for a lot of confusion. **

Personally not expecting miracles there, at least not in this incarnation of Far Cry anymore. (Hope to see improvement in a would-be Far Cry 6) But at least get rid of the gods forsaken Dynamite on Carmina! Half her kill ratio is me....**