View Full Version : Ban/Sanction System based on Bot Chat analysis needs to be a bit reworked

03-14-2019, 01:22 PM
Hello guys,

I want to discuss an issue here that I've been confronted to serveral times. I'm being sanctioned for "chat harassment" with no proper reasons considering that I never insult people. After talking a little with the support team on this issue, it appears that when the number of reports in the whole game becomes to high, they can drop a rain of little chat ban (or more important sanction, idk) to calm things down.

The problem is that the bot in charge of selecting the people who needs to get banned from chat (or more) doesn't seem to be able to make the difference between a sentence with "bad words" like "it's ****ing hilarious" or "what the **** was that" and a mean sentence toward an other player such as "**** you" "you are a mother****er"... you get it.

So here we face an issue : if you use "bad words" but you are a friendly player who like to talk to other players frequently, like me, you get a higher risk of being chat-ban or worst maybe.

So I would suggest serveral things:
1) First, Ubisoft should disclose in details its behaviour Policy
2) Maybe there is a way to tune down the Bot that analyse the chat data, so it doesn't take into account little "bad words" like "****" or stuff like that, which are part of the common langage and expressions we can find on the internet.
3) when a player receive a ban, some evidence should be presented to him so he has the opportunity to understand what kind of sentence were incriminating in the Bot eyes. Just a sample of those data could do the work, and it would be way more educational this way !

Thank you for reading, this is open to discussion so feel free to reply and share your opinion on this subject,

have a nice day,


03-14-2019, 07:39 PM
Thanks PS4 for not having a chat in-game!

03-14-2019, 08:49 PM
thank god finally someone is speaking about the ban system
yes i totally agree with you i suffred a lot this month because of two weird sanctions the first with a warning because i made "harassment" and i don't recall i have insulted someone no detail with the warning the second sanction was 3 days ban for "farming afk" i want to talk about this too how you consider a player keeping by himself a point a farming afk the bot have to make difference between strategy and a foolish player who is standing right there
really devs make a great move on that

03-14-2019, 10:40 PM
yea I think they are trying to implement some rules for their Bot but they obviously don't have the time and money to have such a good IA able to determine fairly if a behaviour is right or not. Consequence is all those unfair ban and sanctions. And I do prefer to have bad people not be sanctionned rather than people doing nothing wrong being punish for no clear reasons !