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03-14-2019, 02:03 AM
This is an idea that I created a while ago, and then reworked. This post includes his appearance, moveset, stats (health, stamina, damage, and attack speeds), and feats.

Swordmaster Hero Idea:

NAME: Swordmaster
CLASS: Assassin
DESCRIPTION: Counter-Attacker, Safe

WEAPON: Arming Sword
APPEARANCE: Mostly leather and gambeson with a robe around the waist and legs. Plate armor on the lower legs, forearms, and right shoulder; also wears a helmet.

1. Balanced Stance: While holding your guard stance control down (like Full Block stance) you enter a special stance called Balanced Stance. Entering Balanced Stance has dodge property and when using Balanced Stance you will pause stamina regeneration. While in this stance you can throw neutral attacks, guardbreaks, and dodge (However dodging and guardbreaking will force you to exit Balanced Stance). What direction you attack from is based off what direction you are moving in. While in Balanced Stance your neutral attacks all have only 100ms of recovery time, however attacks from Balanced Stance deal less damage. Note: You cannot begin normal chains after an attack from Balanced Stance. Note 2: The animation of a balanced stance attack does not change from the normal attack.
2. Balanced Recovery Attacks: After whiffing a side attack from Balanced Stance, Swordmaster can immediately follow up with a Light Attack from the same direction. This light is incredibly fast, has superior block, and is undodgeable. If the superior block counters something then the attack becomes unblockable and does more damage (Crushing Counter-strike). This attack can be delayed to some extent. Note: Unlike other attacks, delaying the attack will not make it faster.
3. Whiff Punish: While in Balanced Stance, if the enemy whiffs an attack you can immediately attack them with a special punish. This punish has a lot of range, but deals little damage. It is guaranteed unless you delay its usage when the enemy whiffs an attack. The attack comes from your right side and can be blocked if you delay too much. The attack is triggered by pressing the Light Attack button after the enemy whiffs an attack. The animation is Swordmaster lunges forward and stabs them in the chest.
4. Balanced Stance Entry Punish: When entering Balanced Stance, if an enemy attempts to attack and the attack is dodged by the Balanced Stance dodge property, then you can perform a special punish. This punish does damage equivalent to a light attack and is guaranteed. The animation is that Swordmaster evades the attack and then cuts them across the side of the neck. After performing this attack you can stay in Balanced Stance. Due to the animation the end of the attack will place you behind your opponent.
5. Slipping Dodge: While dodging you can press A again to begin a Slipping Dodge. Also after whiffing a Balanced Stance attack you can press A to begin a Slipping Dodge. The Slipping Dodge animation looks like Swordmaster goes under the opponentís arm and ends up behind them. If your perform a Slipping Dodge and your target is not in range, then you will simply dash toward them. This dash cannot be turned into a dodge attack. The Slipping Dodge contains I frames and therefore can allow Swordmaster to avoid attacks. After a successful Slipping Dodge you can immediately follow up with a small Kick. This Kick counts as a bash and can be dodged. If the Kick hits you get a free Light attack. This Light Attack can start chains. Note: Using Slipping Dodge does not interrupt the enemy.
6. Heavy Dodge Attacks: Heavy Dodge Attacks are slower than the Light Dodge Attacks, but have a unique property. While performing the attack you can cancel it into a Counter Cut.
7. Light Dodge Attacks: Light Dodge Attacks are faster than their heavy counterparts but do less damage. They also start chains. Note: The animation at the beginning of the attack is very similar to the Heavy variant.
8. Counter Cut: The Counter Cut is a special counter attack move. When performed, the Swordmaster will cancel his dodge attack and, for a short time, block attacks from the direction the dodge attack was coming from. The moment Swordmaster blocks an attack with the Counter Cut he will knock his opponentís weapon away and this will cause his opponent to stagger. While they are staggered he will cut them across the side of the knee.
9. Counter Cut Follow-up: After a Counter Cut you can perform a special follow up. In this follow up Swordmaster will perform a deep lunge. This attack is unblockable and can come from the left or right side. If the attack is successful it will do high damage and will be followed by a guaranteed kick that knocks them down. However the kick sends them far enough back and the recovery time is long enough that the knockdown guarantees no damage. When the attack hits the animation looks like he sinks his sword into their stomach. The kick afterward then pushes them off of the sword. The follow-up can be feinted.
10. Deflect Punish: After a deflect, Swordmaster can perform a special punish that is guaranteed. The punish is triggered by a Heavy Attack and can execute. The animation looks very similar to the Counter Cut Follow-up. Like the Counter Cut Follow-up, it can be followed by a kick, however this one is not guaranteed. Also if it hits it does not knock them over and away, instead it is like the Slipping Dodge kick and it guarantees a light attack.
11. Sprinting Attacks: He has two sprint attacks. He can do a left side Light attack or a Slipping Dodge.
12. Knock Down Counter: While Swordmaster is knocked down and still has stamina, Swordmaster can perform a special counter attack. If he presses dodge just before an attack hits him (similar to a deflect, except no direction) Swordmaster will roll to the side, dodging the enemy attack. After the roll he will then deliver a short kick to the enemyís shin. The kick is guaranteed and will knock the enemy down. After the knockdown, the Swordmaster will rise to his knees and Strikes his opponent before backing off. If Swordmaster presses dodge early then he will still roll, but the enemy attack will track him and he cannot perform the kick. If this occurs then the time that Swordmaster spends on the ground is reset. This counter can still be performed on attacks that are not guaranteed by the knock down (Ex: Tiandiís forward Dragon Dodge after a Dragon Kick). If Swordmaster regains stamina after being knocked down, but before the enemy attack hits he can still perform the counter. If Swordmaster is hit, but regains stamina after then he can still perform the counter on any further attacks. Note: Any attack that is undodgeable will negate this counter. Note: During this counter, Swordmaster is immune to bashes and has very high damage reduction.
13. Zone Attack: Swordmasterís Zone Attack is a one hit attack from the left. The Zone counts as a heavy when parried.

1. Light Attacks: Neutral Light Attacks are 500ms from all directions and deal 17 damage. Chain Light Attacks are 500ms and deal 15 damage.
2. Heavies: Neutral Heavy Attacks are 700ms from all directions and deal 27 damage. Chain Heavy Attacks are 600ms and deal 25 damage.
3. Balanced Stance Heavy Attacks: Balanced Stance Heavy Attacks deal 22 damage and are 700ms.
4. Balanced Stance Light Attacks: Balanced Stance Light Attacks deal 13 damage and are 500ms
5. Balanced Recovery Attacks: Recovery Light Attacks are 400ms and deal 12 damage. This attack has a startup of 100ms and the Superior Block property last for the rest of the attack after the startup. The Crushing Counterstrike version deals 22 damage. This attack cost 20 stamina. The attack be performed a maximum of 300ms after the original attack.
6. Balanced Stance Entry Punish: The Entry Punish deals 17 damage.
7. Whiff Punish: Whiff Punish is 500ms and deals 12 damage.
8. Slipping Dodge: Slipping Dodge can be triggered 300ms into the dodge.
9. Heavy Dodge Attacks: The Heavy Dodge attack is 600ms and deals 17 damage. The attack can be canceled into other attacks between the 300ms and 500ms mark.
10. Light Dodge Attacks: The Light Dodge Attacks are 500ms and deal 13 damage. Light Dodge Attacks can be triggered 300ms into a dodge.
11. Counter Cut: The Counter Cut deals 15 damage. Counter Cut can be triggered 300ms into the Heavy Attack. The Counter Cut last for 300ms or until an attack is blocked.
12. Counter Cut Follow-up: The Counter Cut Follow-up deals 25 damage and is 700ms.
13. Knockdown Counter: The Knockdown Counter deals 20 damage.
14. Dodge Recovery: Forward dodges have a 400ms recovery, Side Dodges have a 600ms recovery, and the back dodge recovery is 800ms. Swordmaster can cancel his Side and Forward Dodges into a Slipping Dodge 300ms into the dodge.
15. Guardbreaks: Guardbreaks guarantee a Heavy Attack from any direction.
16. Light Sprint Attack: The Light Sprint Attack is 500ms and deals 18 damage.
17. Zone Attack: The Zone Attack is 500ms and deals 15 damage.
18. Deflect Punish: The Deflect Punish deals 30 damage.
19. Stamina: Swordmaster has the standard 120 stamina.
20. Health: Swordmaster has 110 health.

1. L, H
2. H, L
3. H, H

Tier 1 Feats:
1. Weak Points: Passive | After being locked onto an enemy for 5 seconds, you will identify a weak point. A weak point is one of the three stance directions. If you hit the weak point it will deal increased damage on that attack. The enemy will see what direction the weak point is on 10 seconds after it is identified. After a weak point is hit a new one will be identified. Weak Points can only be present on one target at a time.
2. Deadly Duet: Passive | Deal more damage in close quarters combat against an enemy who is alone.
3. Bounty Hunter: Passive | Gain health & stamina when you kill another hero.Gain health & stamina when you kill another hero.
Tier 2 Feats:
1. Overheal: Passive | While full health, any healing you receive will become a shield. The shield is equal to half the amount that you would have been healed over the limit. The shield cannot extend past half health.
2. Thick Skin: Passive | Gain moderate Damage reduction.
3. Marked For Death: Active | Reveal target's position, lower their stamina & defense and increase renown gained upon kills.
Tier 3 Feats:
1. Borrowed Time: Active | For a short time, if you lose all stamina you will not enter the OOS state, but cannot regen stamina. Once the feat ends you will be forced into OOS if you entered OOS during its duration. Last 10 seconds. Note: The 10 second timer is reset once you enter OOS.
2. Second Wind: Active | Recover some of your health.
3. Crossbow: Active | Fire a crossbow bolt for medium Damage.
Tier 4 Feats:
1. Grand Challenge: Active | Designate a single target. You and the target become invulnerable from damage, debuffs, and knock backs not caused by Swordmaster or his opponent, however you cannot deal damage to anyone else. Both challenged heroes takes increased damage, and when one challenged hero dies, the other regains all of their health and stamina. If the victor executes their opponent, then they receive a shield equal to the health they would have received normally. Executions cannot be interrupted in this scenario. The challenge can last a maximum of 45 seconds and challenged heroes cannot lock onto someone else or unlock.
2. Nail Bomb: Active | A trap dealing Bleed Damage in an area of effect.
3. Last Laugh: Passive | Drop a high damage grenade when you die.

Swordmaster is meant to poke and harass his opponent. All of his chains are two hits at most and many of his abilities donít start chains. This encourages a harassment based playstyle. Swordmasterís harassment is based off of baiting, specifically baiting by whiffing attacks. However to allow Swordmaster to deal with enemies that donít fall for whiffed attacks, Swordmaster can use his Slipping Dodge to attempt to break turtles. To prevent Swordmaster from becoming another light spamming assassin, none of his two hit chains contain more than one light attack. In feat enabled gamemodes, Swordmaster is meant as an assassin and duelist. His role is to kill one target that is seperate from their team, and then go on to kill the next.

03-14-2019, 02:04 AM
Quick Note: If you look at Swordmaster's chains you will see that he cannot chain two light attacks together. This is on purpose to prevent him from devolving into a light spammer.

Also I forgot to mention that his reflex guard last 1000ms like most assassins (except Gladiator R.I.P)

03-14-2019, 08:33 AM
Very cool idea and write up. I like most of it tho i havent given a lot of thought to the feats section however: two things you suggest would be op especially with the slipping dodge you give him. Whiff punish and knockdown punish. These moves are both problems because they both disable specific necessary parts of too many other hero kits. Also with a double dodge making whiff scenarios would be far to easy imo. I do realize you put a lot of effort into the knockdown punish, but giving you an advantage for having failed to dodge another characters move just isnt right imo.

Other than those two things tho lots of great ideas and balances, from the slip, to balance stance, to simple chains i really like the design.

03-14-2019, 01:39 PM
1. Can you please clarify why you think Whiff Punish could be OP? When I designed it I had the idea that it is meant to make people cautious about whiffing attacks near him. It doesnít do a lot of damage (12 to be precise) and can be lowered if necessary. Beyond that if you have hyperarmor it does not stop what you are doing. Also in my experience most players donít purposely whiff attacks (especially since they patched whiff tech back in year 1) so it would be used more to punish a mistake then a strategy. Also you mentioned how Slipping Dodge would make it easy to make people whiff. This would not fully be the case, as the second dodge for slipping dodge always goes towards the opponent, so if you are out of range you will probably eat whatever attack you were trying to avoid.

2. As for knockdown counter, I designed it to fit with his safety theme. Swordmaster is meant to be a very safe character. As for the specifics, most of the time when you are knocked down it is due to you being OOS. The main times it isnít is stuff like centurion punch, valk sweep, and tiandi kick. So the number of cases where it can be used is very small. (However I can see this still being considered OP). So I gave it numerous limiters as you saw. However I do want to clarify three things. 1. The timing is close to a deflect, and can be decreased even more if needed. 2. If you screw up the counter, it resets the time you spend on the ground. As an example: Warden knocks you down and does a dodge heavy into unblockable heavy. You counter the unblockable, but mess up and do it early. This means Warden can do that punish again. Which will probably kill Swordmaster. 3. Swordmaster is tied for the lowest health in the game (same health as shinobi). This is to make it so when he does get hit it means a lot.