View Full Version : Question The infamous black flag community challenge rewards.

03-14-2019, 01:59 AM
so yes as you might have seen by the title this is another attempt at trying to somehow get the rewards from the old community challenges in my favorite assassins creed game, black flag. as someone who likes getting all the items and cosmetics in the games i play it really bugs me that in my favorite of them all,this goal is made unreachable due to the challenges being canceled and the items thus being grayed out for ever. i have checked online and noticed many other players before me have made their attempts at obtaining these items clear. but with no avail.
but just because you have been unsuccessful in the past does not mean the future holds no hope. so let me ask ubisoft and the awesome team over at assassins creed a question, can we, the community please have a way of obtaining these long lost items in assassins creed black flag? i know its easy to point out a problem when you are not the one fixing it so here are some suggestions that i have seen recommended by the community and myself:

1: re enable the community challenges in some way for some amount of time.
2: make the items purchasable with ubisoft club points.
3: add the items to their in-game stores like the weapon merchant, chip merchant. ect. for in-game gold.
4: add the items to the players inventory after completing the main story.
5: some other way.

i know this is a long shot but i also know the teams at both ubisoft and assassins creed are very passionate about their games and their fan bases so i just hope we can get some fan service here. and to the forum users tired of people bringing this up year after year, i am sorry. but for many, these things are important.
thank you for reading and taking the time.

this is a link to a tweet that ive send out today to the many ubisoft and assassins creed related accounts, a like and a retweet would help getting this spread around more for those who want to support this: https://twitter.com/assassi30758714/status/1105989605931782147