View Full Version : Meet with Division Commander bug

03-13-2019, 10:37 PM
I currently can not unlock the Emergency Bunker main mission. I played with a group for the most part of the grind and I apparently didnít see the Division Commander in time. On my friends map, the Emergency Bunker mission is available but on mine it is not. I am instructed to see the Commander at the White House, however when I arrive the option to go into his door is not available. It is on my top priority list along with this main mission but I canít access it. I even went to the mission on anotherís map, left group to see if I would still be in the mission but it kicked me to a safe house and again, it disappeared. So now Iím wondering if I complete it on anotherís map will it affect me getting to the end game? Iím level 24 now and am contemplating starting another character. Any suggestions or anyone else running into this issue?