View Full Version : PC pls get the item come with any paid package locked to sale

03-13-2019, 10:19 PM
i usually purchase game in deluxe or ultimate edition. i hope AC or ubisoft other game like TD2 etc, make those item come from deluxe or ultimate locked for sale, i haven't tried to sale or destroy these item for scrap as i am afraid it would no longer be used again. whatever, i buy the deluxe or ultimate edition for these items, i suggest it would be locked to sale( so it can't be sold or destroy) and as a item didn't occupy pack space too , so i wouldn't lost these item whatever i am playing the game. i didn't know why there was no such feature in all ubisoft game like TD, AC. it may not be helpful after level up, but it may constantly keep a fresh experience to player when using this item whenever playing the game from starting/renew