View Full Version : How come I can still play the Beta version?

03-13-2019, 10:07 PM
So, I don't play my switch that much, and the last time I played it, I was playing the Beta of Trials Rising.

And we forward on to today, where I went shopping and picked up the Gold edition from my supermarket, just because I want options of playing the game wherever I am, I own it on PC btw, which is my choice of platform for the series, as it was where Trials was born, but the issues with that platform is another issue separately, frame skipping in full screen and other badly programmed issues of other things.

So, on to my point. This is the first time that I have turned my Switch on since playing the open beta, so it was in standby mode. Powered it up to see Trials Rising Beta still running, and got a message to say that I was disconnected from the servers because the system had entered standby mode, so I thought I'd see if I could still play the Beta, and, I can confirm that I still can, and it runs a lot better than when the Beta was live. When the Beta was running, it was running with dropped frames, but now, it runs as smooth as silk.

My question now, is, are the framerate issues people see due to the fact that, irrespective of system, the poor net coding and the fact that it is forever talking to Ubisoft servers the reason why people see frame skips and stuttering gameplay?

Btw, still playing the Beta as I'm afraid that the game will stutter when I put the actual cartridge in.

03-13-2019, 11:00 PM
Ok, with the poor coding of this game, I might return my switch version to my local supermarket. The lack of response from the devs is a very poor response. Avoiding known issues destroys your game, boys.

04-11-2019, 11:21 AM
Hey Stonie74, apologies for the delayed response.

We don't have any known FPS issues on the Nintendo Switch platform. Any players that have experienced a similar issue have been able to resolve it by following our connectivity FAQ: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/36607/

If you do still own the game and are experiencing issues, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to resolve it.