View Full Version : PS4 Pro: Missing Audio, Extraction, Environment "white noise"

03-13-2019, 06:33 PM
Just adding to the list:

On Extraction the chopper (engine noise) whether background or on site is buggy. Only the rope drop and spoken audio are heard. Other spatial sounds are audible. We've seen the frequency as often, usually every other extraction and more prevalent when a drone is used. Typically do not hear background chopper noise on distant extracts.

Environmental noise, rain, wind is on average mostly there -occasions where its missing to random to identify when/where.

In general white noise (background) like "city noise" is sometimes "there" sometimes "not". Essentially its "too quiet". But again to random to identify when/where.

Nature noise, deer, dogs, birds, etc. are fine.

Overall 3D/spatial noises like NPC vocals is sometimes off in relation to the location of the NPC.

Overall some sounds are too loud, NPC vocals (when yelling) or drones when compared to gunfire/combat/chopper. Essentially something that you think should be loud is not loud. And sounds that should be softer are louder.

PS4 Pro, Platinum Headset, VSS (Virtual Surround Sound) - On (not tested with VSS off).
System Rebooted, Game Restarted does not effect necessarily fix or workaround issue(s).

Humbly Submitted,
The S.