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03-13-2019, 05:20 PM
Good day Ladys and Gentlemans,

i playing on my One-X since day one and got an unusual bug with the items (clothings and bike parts).
I got spammed (litteraly) with items. Every time i start the game my item limit is 800. Even if i use half an hour selling items the next time it is still at 800 (the money i got from selling is gone, its my old ammount of cash). Even preorder items get duplicated, like the jacket of the stuntmant outfit. This one i got 24 times and cannot delete it because its a rare item. Sometimes i will get an error massage while selling items, like ROACH-00220011. Even parts for the bikes I have multiple times, "Shurrican Rim" I have over 30 times and cannot sell it.

Im actually lvl 94 btw.

I hope you guys can fix this.

Best regards and thank you guys for another great Trials game. Keep on the good work (cannt wait for the DLCs!).

Grundig 777, trials gamer since Trials HD!

03-13-2019, 07:31 PM
Hey Grundig777! Welcome to the forum!

The team are aware of this issue and are currently investigating.

04-01-2019, 01:45 PM
If this was 2 weeks ago I have had same problem have sent 4 emails to ubisoft with absolutely no response from them

04-06-2019, 05:05 AM
I had tried a bunch of things to fix this and finally found the fix. Now the problem does still come back mildly but the fix is easy enough and non-invasive.

Make sure the game isn't running and go to the manage game/addons page for the game and choose saved data.
There will be 2 files in there. Your main game save data (this will be listed as your xbox username. Do not touch this) and a file called reserved space.
Select reserved space and choose clear or delete.

The next time you open Trials the duplicates that you couldn't sell will be gone. Also you may have items that you won from gear crates that are missing (I did) and they will be back. If this works please let people know because as of the time I am posting this I don't know anyone else who has tried this. Good luck!

04-11-2019, 03:32 PM
Everything duplicates, I remove it. Get off and later all my items I didnít want to remove ere gone. The American retro bundle I wonít be able to get back. Iíve lost a lot of items this way and itís so frustrating I just want to completely restart. Iíve uninstalled the game. I just want to play trials but I canít enjoy the game now.