View Full Version : Assassin Recruits / Crew (Suggestion)

03-13-2019, 04:09 PM

Long have i waited to create this post but now is the time. I cannot wait for more of your games to come out before you realise what a precious element of the game that you have left behind in the old games. The Assassin Recruits from AC Brotherhood was one of the most briliant things you have ever done. The feeling you get when you get to become the master of your own creed, you fight side by side with your fellow assassins. This is really a feature you should never have removed from the game. You picked it up in AC Black Flag and the later games where you can get recruit sailors crew but still, you're missing the feature where you can call upon them when you need help. I think this is a great feature and i doubt that i am the only one that misses it. Is there any way you could bring back this element to an amazing game?


Best regards Bloom, and high hopes:P