View Full Version : X1 bug summary

03-12-2019, 07:33 PM
Main game:

Lootboxes stopped dropping for level ups around level 90.

Major frame drops (lessened by turning ghosts off/down) in LOADS of levels, including Nippon Springs, Uk Up and Upper, at least one track in every diffuculty level.

Some straight up freezes during runs, usually when lightning or other quick effects appear, lasting around .5 to 1sec long.

Not currently a point to doing anything other than chase medals as my inventory is stacked out constantly.


Duplicating items in inventory. Quickly maxing it out, making playing anything that gives you rewards pointless, unless you want to pay credits for the item later.

Acorn bought items disappearing from inventory, character still wearing them, but gone from inventory, probably a nasty side effect of the dupe bug. Lost 7+ items of gear so far.

Uplay and pre order items disappearing from inventory.

Inability to sell more than a few dupes each time game is booted before ubi server connection error prevents you from selling more.

Gear customization disappearing leaving default settings, currently suffering this on clothes I paid acorns for, that I'm wearing and have disappeared from inventory.

Track Central:

TC takes roughly 15 seconds to show just placeholders for tracks, and another 5-10 seconds to populate actual tracks.

Sent back to home screen after each race.

Track Editor:

Mutiple save files being removed at random, lost 3 tracks so far, even duplicates are unsafe seemingly.

After editing sun settings, sun can sometimes track the camera view both in the editor and test runs.

Occasionally all light objects can stop working. Had to hard boot my console to get them back.

At least once I lost the ability to resize the terrain flatten tool from the get-go on a new build, solved by closing game app down, working again after that.

If you try to glue a group that's on different layers, you can get stuck in an infinite loop of the error message, can only be stopped by hitting up on the d-pad.


So after having the game since release here's my personal bug list. I did attempt to get videos of everything, but, there's just too much for my crappy internet to handle, and my crappy phone to process that much editing.

I've tried to post everything I've encountered so far, probably forgotten a couple of bits, but, these are the most prominent ones.

Hope this helps in some way shape or form, it's a great addition to the franchise, with a lot of great new features. It's just a bit of a shame it's in SUCH a mess, but, none of this will stop me playing. There's always time to be shaved.