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03-12-2019, 02:29 AM
I've been keeping an eye on my 'usertracks' folder in Documents\Trials Rising\SavedGames\ "9309f427-****-****-****-************"\ and not had any problems for almost a week.

Until just now.

I have been checking the folder before and after I start the game up, before and after I close the editor and before and after I close the game.
I have/had 5 saves of the same track all saved one after the other each time.

I had been running the editor for over 6 hours, saving regularly as I always (99% of the time) do.
I have no idea when exactly it deleted all 4 of my backups (I assume it was during one run of saves), but they were all still listed in the editor, even after the folders had vanished from inside the 'usertracks' folder.

All of the below is before i quit the editor. I lost one half built track already and I'd rather not lose another.

I tried overwriting the saves via the editors save function; Claimed to be saving/saved but still no folders for the tracks.
I tried renaming a backup via the editor menu; Changed name in game but still no folder created.
I tried deleting the saves in the editors menu; Deleted the first backup that i had renamed (deleted from game list, there was no folder to actually delete), did nothing for the rest.
I checked the remaining track folder from the original save; Only file remaining was the 'metadata.mda'. Both the 'thumbnail.thn' and 'track.trk' files were missing.
I saved as new with a completely new name; Did save and created a new track folder in 'usertracks' containing all 3 files.
I overwrote the original remaining track save; Saved properly and the 2 missing files were replaced in that tracks folder.
I quit the editor after backing up the 2 complete track folders.
I restarted the game, returned to the editor and only the new save and the surviving save are listed.

Whatever is happening to the saves it is actually happening inside the editor, I assume during saving and probably only after prolonged use, because editing for an hour or 2 for nearly a week has caused no such issues. However after using the editor continually for nearly 1/3 of a day this nasty little bug reared it's ugly head.

I hope I have provided enough info for this to be at least narrowed down if not pinpointed, could really do with this being fixed.

03-12-2019, 09:59 AM
Can confirm the exact cause of the problem. Ovewriting save files causes a random save to be deleted, guaranteed and reproducible when you freshly start the editor. The editor will only see the track has been deleted upon a game restart. So to avoid this problem DO NOT overwrite track files until this is fixed.


And while I'm here, two other bugs related to the save manager window:

1: After saving a track, whenever you override that save the difficulty/type is no longer changed (probably related with the above bug)
2: Difficulty will only show either Medium, for medium and easier tracks, or blank. Created is also meant to show the date modified but is also left blank.

03-12-2019, 10:34 AM
First of all, thanks for chipping in. The more specific info we can get the easier it should be to duplicate on RL's end and hopefully track down the cause.

I just want to add that I have been overwriting the same saves all week and it only happened after running the editor for a prolonged period of time.
Within the normal hour or two of editing I'd overwrite my saves more than 10 times.
I definitely agree that it seems to be saving in the same slot, but if you can have it happen straight away and I have it happen only after extended use, then there is definitely something we're missing.
I also haven't tried intentionally saving without making changes to the track, and come to think of it I may have done that last night before checking my 'usertracks' folder. So that's definitely something for me to check.
In the mean time I recommend backing up the track folders just in case. At least until we pinpoint this further.

I'm going to go and check this out now and I'll report back.

03-12-2019, 12:15 PM
Tried multiple times and I can't get it to delete on an overwrite as soon as i load a level, or by overwriting with no changes to the track.

I did a bit more on my track spent an hour or so. Started my overwrites and the first one went fine and the 2nd one deleted the folder.
I went manage tracks to delete them all and they would delete fine except the one with no folder to remove.
I saved as new with the same names I had just deleted and it created the folders just fine.

I reckon deleting the track save through the manage tracks option and saving as new (with or without the same name), could be a viable workaround for this bug.

I am going to keep backing up my tracks and only try saving this way for a while and see what happens.

03-14-2019, 04:11 PM
Hey guys, thanks for your detailed reports!
I can confirm I've passed this on to the team for investigation, we will try to update you as soon as we have more info.

Thank you!