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03-12-2019, 01:12 AM
Hi, I'm currently living in Syria and i pre-ordered the ultimate edition, in both betas i got the mike error until i started using a vpn. I hoped that i wouldn't need one for the final product but here we are. Are you going to lift the region lock and i will be able to play this game like every other Ubisoft title i own or is this the new trend? I would really like a fast response on this matter.

03-12-2019, 01:58 AM
did you purchase phsyical release or digital? is your psn ID same region as the game, i know in Australia i didnt have any issues playing the beta code i got from AU store that i redeemed on a different AU psn id with my US based psn ID not sure how it works in Syria sorry.

i know you will have issues redeeming codes if your psn id does not match with the region the game is from so you wont be able to access in game store/redeem year 1 pass if region of your psn ID does not match with the region of the game. not aware of any issues with region locking the base game though.

03-12-2019, 02:33 AM
I purchased digitally, My psn id matches with my region and this is the first game that have done this. There are posts on Reddit and the forums about this error that me and people from Russia and Iran are having so i think it's fair to say this a region lock as the only way for my to play is through using a vpn.

03-12-2019, 03:28 AM
just did some google search on mike-01 errors , prob server errors to do with those regions not being unlocked yet, if all your regions match with ur psn id you should be fine once servers come online worldwide



03-12-2019, 03:59 AM
Ok will update you tomorrow to see if it's just servers being offline. Thanks for taking the time to help me.

03-12-2019, 01:02 PM
@Adam4ViK Can you confirm if you are able to access the game now or if you are still receiving the MIKE error?

03-12-2019, 07:47 PM
Can confirm, i just tried without a vpn and got the MIKE-01 error. When i connect through the vpn to Jordan which is near Syria i can play fine.

03-13-2019, 08:25 PM
Any update on a possible fix? I'm starting to lose any hope of playing this game.

03-21-2019, 03:06 AM
I've enjoyed playing The original division game, and I was looking to play the new Division 2 with my friends, some live here in syria and others in various parts of the world, I've even applied to the private beta at some point and got a code, but was never able to play either of the betas because of the Mike-01 error.

I was fairly sure of a geo-bloc which is why I didn't pre-order, but what confused me was the fact that my copy of the original division was working fine, I could connect and play with no issues, until I got to try a hard copy of the new game to make sure the issue existed once the game launched.

I hope that UbiSoft will reconsider this ban, we are just a bunch of your average joes who want to enjoy a game we like, with everything going south over here, these games offer us a window to the outside world, where we can just lay back, relax, enjoy a game with friends, and for a bit pretend life is normal for us and we're like everyone else. So please, I hope you will find it appropriate to lift the ban and allow us to join this community.

Thank you.