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03-11-2019, 08:05 PM
The primary goals of the following rework idea is to (1) give Lawbringer viable options from neutral position to open up the action, and (2) give him a fun mixup that is both effective and, if your opponent reacts properly, punishable.

In my opinion, the above two goals should be applied to all characters, but here we are talking about the Lawbringer for now. There are many different ways to achieve the two goals above, and below is simply one route I chose to take. First, I list what I consider to be buffs, comments about the buffs, and then the nerfs and corresponding comments.


500ms lights in all directions
- 600ms light openers are an old relic of an old version of For Honor. They are simply not viable options. Honestly, there needs to be a global change setting everyone to
500ms opening light attacks, but that's for another day.
- All characters need effective options to start the action from neutral position. 500ms lights will help prevent staring contests. However, 500ms lights are helpful, but not
sufficient on their own, especially at high level play. Therefore, continue reading....

Shove becomes 500ms
- I went back and forth trying to decide whether it should be 600ms or 500ms. Because shove guarantees nothing, I chose 500ms because it should thus be fast and
easy to pull off.
- In addition to 500ms lights, the shove should be a viable way to start the action.

New combo: light* – shove
- The light must hit, the shove is not guaranteed, and the light cannot be substituted with a shove.
- The shove in this combo, like all other shoves, counts as a chain starter.
- Starting the action with a light attack means nothing if there are no viable options after a light opener. This gives the Lawbringer a viable option and moves the combat into
the shove mixup, which an iconic move of the Lawbringer.
- This new combo, plus 500ms lights and 500ms shove, will forever end Lawbringer staring contests. However, it does not make the Lawbringer a God (lights are only 15
damage and shove guarantees nothing)
- Note: the “light*” in this combo must be a basic light opener. Nothing else leads into this combo’s shove.

2nd top heavy cannot be dodged
- Before this rework, connecting a shove made throwing a light or a guardbreak a good option, but throwing a heaving was only kind of ok because sometimes your side
heavy will connect into a dodging opponent. Giving this top heavy tracking allows the shove to lead to a much better mixup overall.
- Plus, this allows that stunning property of the Lawbringer’s top heavies to get more use. As of now, you rarely connect a chained top heavy in a 1v1.

Heavy after gaurdbreak counts as 2nd heavy
- This change makes the iconic unblockable heavy of Judge, Jury, and Executioner easier to get to since it’s deeply layered in a three chain combo that otherwise
requires a slow chained heavy to be thrown beforehand. The idea here is similar to the Kensei’s heavy after guardbreak that leads the Kensei into his/her top heavy
unblockable mixup.

3rd heavy of Judge, Jury, and Executioner can be soft-feinted into 900ms longarm
- Longarm here now has same hyper armor and tracking capabilities as the Shogoki’s demon’s embrace.
- Right now, the heavy chain finisher of Judge, Jury, and Executioner is, in my opinion, terrible in a 1v1 because all you have to do is dodge. The attack is so slow that you
cannot even punish a dodge with a guardbreak because it takes so long to hard feint this move. With this addition, now there is an actual mixup.
- Plus, it allows the longarm to become viable in a 1v1.
- Note: when I say it gains the same “tracking capabilities” as the Shogoki’s demon’s embrace, I do not mean it is undodgeable. I just mean that if a player performs an
ordinary dodge at the timing that would ordinarily avoid being hit with the heavy finisher, then they will be hit with a longarm.

Swift Justice’s 3rd heavy is 600ms
- The increased speed will allow the move to match the name: SWIFT justice. But seriously, this move is useless in a 1v1. Speeding it up makes it viable and similar to the
Highlander’s 600ms chain heavies. Also, note that this gives the Lawbringer something viable to throw after landing shove - light.

Make Way becomes unblockable
- Simply a buff. This buff is not necessary. I just like it. Note: his ordinary zone remains blockable.


Block-shove is removed
- As it stands currently, shove is not very good, so block-shove is not the end of the world. But, with all the improvements I’ve made above to the shove mixup, there’s no
way the block-shove combo can remain. I want shove to be easy to land because it guarantees nothing…but I don’t want it to be THAT easy to land.
- Plus, block-shove promotes a staring contest and would cause the opponent to live in fear while deciding whether to attack my reworked Lawbringer. I want to promote
action, not discourage it.

Impaling repost no longer wallsplats
- 50 damage off a heavy parry!? No….Just no. Way too strong.
- Plus, I just buffed the Lawbringer, so this would be simply too much.
- Now it can still be used to cause environmental damage, such as ledging.

Successfully dodging the shove leads an opponent to get a free guardbreak
- I do not know if this is already the case, but if it is not, then now it is. Basically, the whiff recovery time of the shove needs to be long enough for a player to dodge and then
- Because the shove mixup has been improved so much, I want opponents to be able to punish the Lawbringer if they correctly dodge his quick 500ms bash.
- Note: the following has nothing to do with the rework, but, I think, globally, all bashes should be punishable to at least some degree. Just a random comment....

The shove chained after any heavy can now be dodged
- Again, I do not know if this is already the case, but if not, now it can be dodged.
- Similarly here, the shove mixup has been strengthened, so I want to ensure opponents have reactable methods to counter the Lawbringer’s shove and subsequently
punish the Lawbringer.

2nd chained top heavy’s damage is reduced from 35 to 25
- Before I gave this heavy tracking (made it undodgeable), it needed a strength boost because it was so hard to pull off. Now, people are going to be able to more
consistently pull this heavy off. Since it is easier to pull off now, I’ll reduce the damage.
- Example 1: after getting hit by a shove, an opponent dodges to avoid the light, or performs a dodge attack. Because this heavy is now undodgeable, it can be used
frequently in this situation to catch any sort of dodge and lead into the new and improved heavy finisher mixup of Judge, Jury, and Executioner.
- Example 2: because the Lawbringer now has a new light* - shove combo, people are going to dodge more frequently after getting hit with a 500ms light opener, which
leaves them open to a Lawbringer’s 2nd chained top heavy, which is now undodgeable. This is reminiscent of how people are frequently dodging after being hit by a Black
Prior’s light opener to avoid a subsequent bash, only to be hit with an undodgeable heavy (note that the Black Prior’s undodgeable heavy does a whopping 40 damage!).
- Plus, his top heavies have a stunning property. So, it would be too strong to have high damage, stunning, and tracking on a heavy that is now significantly easier to pull off.

Let me know what you think!?