View Full Version : the YEAR 1 PASS AND MULTIPLE PSN PROFILES in different regions?

03-11-2019, 05:57 AM
just hoping someone can give me a clear answer, once redeemed will all the year 1 pass and its bonuses eg extra outfits, trickets, bonus bounties and missions be unlocked for all profiles on ps4.

little background i am in Australia but my main psn profile is a US account so any codes that come with physical editions i have another AU psn profile that i use to redeem codes that dont work on my profile. normally that works fine as once codes are redeemed it installs it and works on all profiles

but with these type of games as a service model and loot boxes i am a little unsure , i know with other ubisoft titles it kinda works eg assassins creed normally it installs whatever bonus missions that the code redeemed but i am not able to access the in game store because i am playing AU copy with a US profile but i have read games like for honor season pass content is locked to the proifle its purchased/redeemed on.

i know with division 1 i wasn't able to purchase credits/cypher keys on my US profile but any credits/cyphers i had built up during play i was still able to redeem and buy the in game loot boxes, so will i be fine redeeming the year 1 pass on my backup AU profile but have all the content and bonuses unlock on my US profile?

03-11-2019, 05:15 PM
I can confirm that the Year One pass will only work on the PlayStation account it is redeemed on.

03-11-2019, 07:12 PM
can you confirm if save data is transferable to different region copies, eg if i purchased the US gold edition would my cloud data from playing AU version transfer across or are they 2 different title IDs and i would have to start fresh?

03-11-2019, 08:48 PM
Only one PSN ID can be linked to any one Ubisoft account. The Year One Pass cannot be shared between accounts. We recommend having the game, game console, Ubisoft account, and PSN ID all be from the same region.

03-12-2019, 01:14 AM
yeah i know there are always issues with playing disc based games not in the same region as the psn profile and acessing in game stores, my main issue is my main PSN ID is US based that is the one that is linked to my ubisoft account too, but i live in Australia now so when i buy phsysical releases i understand i cant use in game stores with the disc copy and that is fine, normally with most DLC i have another AU psn profile that i redeem DLC codes on and it installs it for all profiles on that ps4 but i understand now the year 1 pass is a "service" and not "DLC" pack so i wont be able to just purchase year 1 pass on that other psn ID and have everything unlock for all psn id on that ps4

a friend told me there is no save data on the ps4 for the division 2 so save data must be all server side i assume, so i should be fine if i purchase US digital copy at a later date my progress should just carry over from me playing the phsyical AU copy to the digital US version, then once i am playing US version i will be able to use in game store to purchase year 1 pass if i want to later.

03-12-2019, 06:45 PM
It would have been great you had made it clear that the Year 1 Pass only works with the account it is redeemed on beforehand. Especially considering that's not how it worked with The Division. I bought an Ultimate Edition with my local account but I play with my oldest, original PSN account. It has my Shield rewards and it is my main identity as a gamer.

I have to say, I was super hyped for this launch, my friends and I were online at the same time yesterday waiting to play together, but this was a severe blow to my excitement with TD2. I now have to choose between my history as an agent with my hard won shield rewards, or the Year 1 Pass content (that you haven't even fully defined yet).