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03-10-2019, 05:59 PM
Hello i have a problem with Trials rising INVENTORY, everytime i open the game most of my customisation items duplicate including items that cannot be deleted. So now I am at the limit of 800 objects and cannot make space for more because i have hundreds of undeletable duplicate. what can I do?

image of the glitch:

as you can see in the bottom left corner i have a full inventory 800/800

EDIT: saw OTHER threads, for me it happened when i was playing offline (no internet) and I have the loading cog problem

03-11-2019, 05:00 PM
Welcome to the club! One of the support staff on here suggest deleting your local inventory file may clear it up for some users. I just tried it, and it works for me! Well, a few little caveats though..

You'll need to be certain that your offline profile has been synchronized with your online profile otherwise you'll be deleting the only copy in existence of your Creations :-).

So first you want to get a USB stick and before deleting the inventory save, go to data management and copy your Trials Rising save folder onto the USB stick. If you mess up, you can always copy it back onto the system. Once it's backed up, select only your inventory file and delete that. Then start up the game and check your inventory to see if it cleared out all of the duplicates.

The second caveat is that despite doing this process, I still had 20 jean jackets. Luckily, the game registered them as actual items so I was able to sell them all for two thousand coins ^_^. I'm interested to see if later on the server will rectify this and remove 2k coins, or mark me as a hacker like Fallout 76 has done to some of its players :D.

For the time being, I am sitting pretty.

03-13-2019, 08:28 PM
Thanks for the assist JolanXBL!

Please be assured the team are still looking into a more permanent fix for this issue!

03-27-2019, 09:42 PM
Game crash while working in the editor now the duplication and texture glitches are back.

I was in the editor attaching physics joints to the rider to make him walk around. I went to change the bike to find one where his legs were closer together, and when I switched to Tandem, the game crashed.

Now my rider's items are duplicating again, and his outfit designs are default.

I can't understand how having the game crash while not performing any edits to rider customisation could affect rider customisation. If you are not in rider or bike customisation, or receiving game items, there should be absolutely no reason for the program to be accessing the inventory save file, other than to read the sticker and color values to display them on the rider.

So the part of the game code that loads these values on to the player and characters isn't happening often enough, or it can be skipped too easily by the game.

If the development team cannot figure out why this is happening, then the best alternative is to add a button to the main screen, perhaps triangle, that runs the code responsible for loading the textures and everything manually by the player.

Or any time you enter a new screen for any reason, it would reload the textures.

Another option is to give players the ability to duplicate all stickers across similar items. So if we have three stable copies of a helmet, we would be able to copy all stickers onto the other two helmets as a way of backing up our designs. Maybe people can do that already using the shop, however in uploading to the shop it makes their private design public for everyone to use, and not everyone wants to be looking like everyone else.