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03-10-2019, 03:14 AM
Hear me out.

I love assassin's creed, It is my favourite game franchise and I will continue to purchase and play the games into future. (For full disclosure I play these game primarily for the story and the historical context).

However, I have been watching a game I like move further and further away from the original premise because of people, who presumably don't like it because they are always complaining. That seems absurd.

Now I must say, some of the changes have been great but not at the expense of other great things that already existed.

The educational mode on Origins was fantastic, I'm not sure why It wasn't included in Odyssey. At the very least bring back the narration of the the key people and places by the 'out of animus' team in the digital catalogue. I feel the historical locations on the map with a little bit of information were a step back even from the original games.

The deeper and deeper focus on the 'inside animus' protagonist was needed, especially after having three games as Ezio. In order to get to know the new characters this in=depth focus is required and is well done. The immersion in the world of this character is getting better and better with every game. But in saying that, odyssey had the least involvement of an out of animus character. This modern day component of the game is essential to story, the whole reason we can see what the historical character is up to, is because someone in the modern day is using the animus to view genetic memory. Why does it have to be one or the other, por que no los dos? Why can't we have both. Would the game have to be bigger? Would It cost more? I'm fine with both. I'd even accept more 'out of animus' activity in the DLC. Im sure we can all conceptualise two stories at once, without falling out of the immerison. Yes, the desmond story was getting old and it was best to kill him off and move on. But let's keep this section of the game alive.Without the out of animus component, there is nothing linking the games together in this franchise.

The game play itself, with the gear load outs, upgrades and special moves all make this game 'play' just like every other RPG. Sure, this has to be done, to encourage more people to play the game. But don't let the new people who jump on the bandwagon because this game now resembles something they are interested in, change the game so much that is just becomes another RPG and loses what was special about it.

I hope Ubisoft can find a way to take all the things that have made assassin's creed great, and put them all together in one game.

03-10-2019, 03:38 AM
Hi there Webb_Spiderman,

Welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing your feedback and thoughts with us, we really do appreciate it! I am going to move your thread to the general AC forum, since this more relates to the AC series as a whole instead of Odyssey specifically.