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03-10-2019, 02:59 AM
Hello I'm new to to the forum, I'm big fan of Assassin Creed games since 2009 I have played some of AC games, I truly enjoyed the most is Origins and Odyssey beside AC2. Anyway here is my suggestions for current or future Assassin Creed games, why can't you guys bring back iconic hidden blade throw, and ability to switch back and forth from classic assassin creed control to new assassin creed control to be more flexible for AC fans like myself I thought i would be nice to able to have choice to switch back on that controller option from classic AC to new AC controller feature. I'm getting used to new eagle vision instead of classic eagle vision about 2 years now with Origins and Odyssey. To be honest with y'all Origins and Odyssey are best AC game ever made!

Suggestion #2: Why not making next Assassin Creed game to take place in Japan, Japan has lots of histories that involves with Assassins which got me interested in history from that time during Edo period which is my favorite historical part in history :)

As for the feedback, why are you guys doing remastering of AC Rogue, AC 3 this year, but you guys keep ignoring the fans's request to remaster the original Assassin Creed that released almost 12 years ago its long overdue it deserve to be remastered, come on its 2019 I never got to play original Assassin Creed, that did not have trophy achievement features when it first came out back in 2007 which is 12 years ago , I know its popular game but I felt that you guys keep putting that original AC game off from remastering it. I waited for 12 years for it. time is wasting for you guys not do something about it. I know many of us are looking forward to see that original AC game to get its remastered.