View Full Version : PK rework (full, detailed)

03-09-2019, 07:18 AM
I think I wrote quite some versions. This one is my newest idea, I think she would be fair this way for both sides.

1. Deep gouge removed from the game. Heavy attacks deal the following damages:
Top Heavy: 33
Side Heavy: 28
C. Top Heavy: 38
C. Side Heavy: 35
F. Dodge Attack: 27
S. Dodge Attack: 17

Reason: Deep Gouge resets the fight without giving anything but makes a bad damage heavy an ok heavy. This way, attacks deal more damage with more execution potential, and you can follow chains after hitting the enemy, leading potentially more damage. I think these numbers would work.

2. Dodge Attacks start chains, and can be feinted every way a Heavy can be feinted. This means you can GB out of dodge attacks, Dodge out of Dodge Attacks, Dagger Cancel out of Dodge Attacks, or you can Feint Dodge Attacks.

Reason: PK's only remaining unique feature is dodging out of attacks and dodging around. Since that doesn't really give her anything since her dodge attacks are extremely weak, I think this would help her greatly since dodge attacks wouldn't be easy parries all the time. Since her damage is low even with these changes, I don't think it would really break her to have all these options.

3. New Effect: Relentless. Every time the pk deals either bleed damage or damage to a bleeding opponent, she regains stamina equal to the damage she dealt.

Reason: This would give bleed a benefit that would fasten up the fights a bit, since pk now runs out of stamina far too much.

4. Chained Top Heavy is unblockable.

Reason: Quite simple, she needs an opener.

This pk would be a real assassin, someone who pressures the opponent into reacting and guessing, she would be strong enough to face the current top characters (I assume that's the goal). Judging from your trailer about her, this is the way you wanted pk to work: a fast, dodgy assassin who "can finish the fight before they are noticed being there" (lol, consider that line on the current pk, you have time to make tea and ask her how much sugar she wants before she hits you enough to kill you).