View Full Version : A call for help from gamer in China

03-09-2019, 01:52 AM
Hello everyone, I am a R6 gamer from China. Yesterday I posted a post on the forum stating that I was banned for cheating. I don't know what I can do now. I just want to prove that I didn't cheat. My account has been playing for more than 2000H hours. I really don't need to cheat. I know this game, I know every map, and even now I still remember how my first death happened. However, Ubisoft insists that there is something wrong with my account. I am helpless now. I hope I can attract Ubisoft's attention, re-examine my account and clear my name. I am willing to do anything for my account as long as my account can be released. Ps: I once submitted my work order number: 08236820. I can swear that I didn't do anything to upset the balance of the game. Please, please, please ubi, help me.
大家好,我是一名来自中国的R6游戏玩家。在昨天我在论坛发表了一篇帖子陈述了因为作弊而被封禁账号。我不 知道我现在能做些什么,我只是想证明我并没有作弊,我的账户已经玩了超过2000H,我真的真的没有必要作 弊,我了解这款游戏,我熟悉每一张地图,我甚至到现在都还记得我第一次死亡是怎么回事。但是育碧坚称我的账 户有问题,我现在很无助,我希望我能引起育碧的注意,重新审查我的账户,洗脱我的罪名,我愿意为我的账户做 任何事情,只要我的账户可以解禁。ps:我有一次提交了我的工单,工单号:08236820。我可以发誓我 没有做过任何关于破坏游戏平衡性的事情。求求你们,求求ubi,帮帮我。