View Full Version : can't remap CTRL key?

03-08-2019, 07:35 PM
I've noticed that apparently the CTRL key is used for various UI inputs. But the problem is that when I'm trying to switch out of Trials, using Windows 10 multi-desktop, and I press CTRL + Windowskey + left or right arrows, Trials sees the CTRL press and does whatever random thing the CTRL key does to whatever screen Trials is on at the time, so by the time I switch back to Trials, the UI is somewhere entirely different.

In the Options > Keyboard section, you can remap the keys used to ride the bike, but there are other UI keys, like CTRL, that are apparently un-remappable.

Is it possible to add all the UI keyboard keys into the keyboard remapping section of the Options please? will save the headaches. thanks!