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03-07-2019, 12:59 PM
Please, don't tell me to forward this to support because I will need to keep sending tickets into next week.

Serious issues
* performance on PC and PS4
* inventory duplication / infinite unsellable items
* replaying single stadium heat pits you against people from among the world's top 20, impossible to improve medals
* not getting crates on levelup
* starting a trio of challengers drops after the first one, challenge is gone from map, no error message
* builders unable to upload tracks to TC because of false "bad language" messages
* custom tracks getting deleted at random on builder's systems
* items unequipping / switching to a different equipped item

Minor issues
* game forgetting video settings / reverting to borderless on launch / forgetting your default controller settings
* both controller and keyboard control front seat rider on Tandem bike on PC
* music slider at 0 does not stick, music is back on on next boot, with slider at 0
* final stadium showing padlock icon but clicking it allows you to play it
* game stuck on loading smoke / skull if you bring up Steam overlay at the "incorrect" time
* getting crates for each track completed

Dear God, how did this ever get past QA
* tons of issues with TC layout and functionality / TC leaderboards - this should be multiple entries but I can't be bothered to list everything

03-07-2019, 04:38 PM
Hey there,

Thanks for your report!

If you can provide any images or videos for some of the bugs you're reporting, I'd be happy to pass them on to the team.

03-08-2019, 08:24 AM
Certainly, if you come over and do my job for a couple of days, I can do that.