View Full Version : Bad Performance At All Points of Game

03-03-2019, 11:57 PM
Windows 7 64-bit
GeForce GTX 650
i3-3240 CPU@3.40GHz
8gb RAM

As far as I'm aware these specifications should be fine for Rising. Also I've set the 'Power Management Mode' on the GTX to 'Prefer Maximum Performance', and every single setting in-game is at the lowest possible mode, yet still the entire game is running really badly, most noticeably / disruptively being on the actual tracks. It's not playable as is. Is there anything else I can do to get it so it's actually useable?


03-04-2019, 12:08 AM
Hey DannersMac, could you be a little more specific on what you mean by "bad performance" for example are you getting bad fps, is it freezing etc?

Meanwhile, give the steps in this FAQ (https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/000025947/Basic-PC-Troubleshooting/) a go and let me know if anything improves!