View Full Version : No to complicated combat!

03-03-2019, 04:38 PM
If you'll allow me, this post will have a bit of a rant feeling but don't you guys take it personnal. There is a reason for it.

After each AC game, the combat have been evolving or should i say changing. Sometimes for the best but unfortunately most of the times for the worst.
I don't understand why the devs want to keep pushing the combat developement into something super complex and tedious.

Press space + shift + E at the same time to do that.
maintain shift + e + right click to do this attack.
maintain space to do that.
And the list goes on.

Sometimes i feel my fingers are doing acrobatics just in one fight. This is terrible.
Ac unity was a bit like that. Combat animations looked awesome but the execution of it was too clunky.
But it was nothing compared to Odyssey's.

Oh mister enemy is all red like a tomato because he is in rage mode so you can't hit him you and can't parry him but only dodge.
On the contrary in real life, when someone is in "rage mode" charging at you like a bull, it is a flaw because he only sees the target in front of him and is super vulnerable to counter attacks. But in Odyssey, it's an advantage because semi god mode. Dafuq?
And how many more sword cuts and arrows can an enemy endure before being defeated? Are their skins made of leather?

Now here's how Assassins are really about:
Assassins are supposed to be super effective in their attacks. Hitting weak spots and exploiting openings and doing so in an exquisitely masterful way. They don't train to fight like a regular solider, they train to kill. Each movement is swift and deadly. Because they are Assassins.
Strength in a fight is completely useless. Speed is everything. You're faster than your enemy, you win. Period.

Ac3 was the best example for this type of combat. Have you seen how connor was attacking? How he counter attacked everyone of his enemies hitting them where they never expected him to hit?

I can understand if Odyssey's combat is a bit too much because you don't play as an assassin but more like a warrior so it kinda makes sense.
But for the next games that involves assassins, my suggestion would be to make combat super dynamic yet simple in its gameplay.
If the devs wants to add more challenges, they should do so in the stealth gameplay and leave the combat to something simple.
For Assassin's creed have always been about stealth and stalking the shadows. Lore wise, combat has always been secondary like a plan b situation.