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03-01-2019, 03:20 PM
Any chances? I want to dance disco like one of your fancy vive users too!

03-20-2019, 07:30 PM
it's doesn't have them? i assumed they was coming!

No buy for me then :(

03-21-2019, 02:31 PM
Hi there guys!

For PlayStation VR, we decided to concentrate on DualShock support, since we can be sure it is the controller that all PSVR players will have.
The analog sticks enabled us to efficiently replicate the experience possible on PC.

In the end, we want to bring the Space Junkies experience to as many VR players as possible, so we're open to exploring other options depending on player feedback.

So by all means, keep sharing your ideas and thoughts with us; they are greatly appreciated!


03-26-2019, 09:13 AM
Hello everyone,

for me it sounds like it is all about the Money. Having more potential customers is a good thing right? No matter what PSVR users will not have the same experience with a Dualshock controller compared to Hive or Rift. I mean you can use Shield and Sword or the Slingshot thing so something that is meant to be used in 2 different hands and it works just fine for Hive and Rift. I can clearly understand that there might be more people that do not own the Move controllers so you want to make it accesible for them too but for me personally i am not going to pay the same price for a different experience and i think there are a lot of people that own the move controller and think the same way.

03-26-2019, 09:56 AM
I dont own a psvr but I hear lots of complaints about dual shock on forums but on the other hand the move controllers are horrible and a lot are fine with dual shock. Sony really needs to open up 3rd party so something like the touch controllers on the rift could be used. Dont know how you could do it with psvr controllers, no trigger and grab buttons. At the end of the day this will be psvr biggest hit and everyone with a psvr after thier first match I have seen is blown away with excitement.

03-26-2019, 10:46 AM
For me the move controllers work just fine. Skyrim, Beat Saber, The Wizards are just amazing games even on ps VR. I dont know what you mean with Trigger and Grab buttons but there are atleast 6 Buttons on the Move controller and all the mentioned games dont need more then that.

03-28-2019, 06:49 AM
Almost bought this. Played the beta with the DS4 and hated it. Couldn't be competitive with PC players and didnt feel it was fair to only face console players cause that cut my player base in half (if not more, saw more pc players than console).

Someone in a PSVR group posted a screenshot of the playstation store entry for Space Junkers and it said PS Move compatible, but yet I just looked at the store and I didnt see that. Perhaps it was optimistically photoshopped. At any rate I would love to buy this game but I absolutely refuse to pay for a frustrating experience using the DS4.

To explain more in detail about my experience being confined to the DS4 during beta:
1) I couldnt aim straight up or down, PC players would often figure this out quickly and intentionally duck under or above me, perhaps with more practice i could gain skill nessesary to position myself to overcome the hinderence this control interface brings - but when talking about "making it accessible for all players" - not many people will want to keep playing, or buy it after playing at a friends house, because they simply can't compete out of the box.
2) Hand gestures - I saw all kinds of cool stuff PC players were doing, and from what I could tell all we get to do with PSVR is tilt our controller to make the "OK" hand signal. If I missed something please let me know.
3) You cannot use the shield (L1) properly with a gun in the right hand. You must shoot up and to the right in order to not hit the shield. PC players were able to position their arms/hands to put their gun around the shield - thus I saw alot more PC players using shields effectively.
4) In situations like Free For All PC players have the ability to shoot at two targets at once.
5) General tracking issues from the DS4's tiny one directional lightbar that extended past simply trying to aim straight up or down.

Honestly with these drawbacks its not even worth playing in a cross platform environment on the PSVR, in my opinion (not trying to be mean, sorry). And taking cross platform away and closing PSVR off on its own will only make it super difficult to find match making - creating the all familiar situation of PS Communities struggling to keep a game alive via meet ups.

I have a few suggestions that might allow you to implement move controllers. I'm sure someone there has thought of this, but this is just my two cents.
We all know the moves dont have analog sticks. Its clear you all are worried about being able to move quickly and accurately within the multiplayer arena.

Assuming your decision to go purely with DS4 wasn't a blind marketing decision, you probably already have tested the most obvious and requested implementation:
Point to move
Skyrim, borderlands 2 and other games have used this successfully. I understand you can duel wield in Space Junkies, and if someone was super worried about that and this was the only "move controller" option, then they could certainly use the DS4. But providing such an option to players who want to try it, in the PSVR sphere, is practically a must.

Another suggestion could be what Honor and Duty D-Day has proved is possible. Connect a DS4 and a move controller at the same time for one user. Doing so brings up an awesome possibility for this game. You guys already track the DS4 lightbar, and the way the default controls are setup on the DS4, the left stick moves the player around, leaving the right stick to only control turning.
By placing the DS4 in your left hand, and a move controller in your right hand, you would be free to aim easily, accurately and with a greater range of movement. Leaving your left hand to control the analog stick and fire with L2. You could still duel wield as you could aim your left hand with the DS4's lightbar as we do now.
By mapping the right analog stick's turning functionality to the X and O buttons on the move controller, and mapping R1 to triangle, I think we could cover all needed functionality.

This last suggestion is by far the best one in my opinion as it gives us all the locomotion the DS4 provides with the ability to aim correctly.

Hope this feedback helps and I look forward to a response.

03-28-2019, 06:54 AM
Sorry for the double post, couldnt find a way to edit my previous, but I just wanted to add:
+1 for PS Aim support as well. Using the exact same controls, hand positioning and everything you have now - just let us use our Aim's so we can actually aim properly. Aiming with the DS4 just doesnt feel good, its turns the most rewarding part of the game into something tedious and inconsistent.

Thanks again!