View Full Version : game will not play offline mode after yesterdays uplay update

03-01-2019, 02:44 AM
after uplay update yesterday game won't play offline? gives error cannot launch .. go online?
If I open uplay "online" yes then the game will boot.. or if I click on go "online" on the game load error.. BUT When I set uplay to start in offline mode, or to go offline it won't load the game any more!I don't play "online" and have my games installed on a Gaming system I "don't want to take online!! it worked until yesterday just fine

To try and fix I did tell it to check files.. that did not solve the issue..

03-01-2019, 08:13 PM
Hi, i am having the same problem as you, what i found work for me is to close the error message & press play a second time & the game starts

03-01-2019, 11:49 PM
Hey Crunc01,

Can you try the steps mark220i mentioned and see if that works? If not, can you let me know the error message you receive when you try to launch the game while online?

Did the game download the update yesterday / today when you've logged in using online mode?

03-02-2019, 05:30 AM
Thank you mark 220i that works... !!
Ubi it is a problem wanting to be online for the fricken ubi cash grab crap in the game.. the lastest update thinks the game need to stay online and does not want to log in offline the first time..
closing the error and trying again does work..
I know it has to do with the ubi $$$ cash crab in game as It is also happening now with far cry5 .. but for 4 and 3 that do not have the cash crab crap they open offline fine the first time..
it is a bug in the uplay latest update.. then need to look at it closer and find a fix!