View Full Version : Hit Trigger doesn’t react to object set as “No Contact Response”.

03-01-2019, 12:00 AM
In previous games when an item was set to “No Contact Response” unlike “Decoration Only” a hit trigger would still react if something passed through the object, the description for the “No Contact Reponse” states this should still be the case however it doesn’t react unless the item is set to “Default” or “Contact Response”.

Here’s a video of the problem happening - https://youtu.be/mpdlwW8PnkQ

I have also tried with various different objects and the result is the same.

03-04-2019, 07:33 AM
That seems rather silly to me, I don't know why you wouldn't just use an area trigger over the button. I don't think I've ever used that setting with triggers..

03-05-2019, 12:47 PM
Why would I line up an area trigger to be in the exact same place as the button and then have to group the objects together for moving them when I can just easily use a hit trigger? While using an area trigger is a workaround which would work in this case it also doesn't help if you are using an object with an unusual shape, and is no excuse for something the game specifically says should work not working, it's still a bug.