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02-28-2019, 09:07 PM
Long Story :o

Hello all and sry for the bad english,
It took me some time to make myself write this thread because as you can see on my joined date(this is not my oldest account) I am not a new member and I have some experience with Ubisoft and their ways of handling feedbacks but I hope in all these they changed a little bit. It's not a blaming,complaining or anything similar thread it's just my point of view written here with hope that someone from For Honor devs give a dime about it.

I only like/love 3 Ubisoft games: For Honor,Assassin's Creed series and Warlords Battlecry 2.
The Warlords is an extremly old game which I have asked many times to remake it into better,alongside other fans but no result,Assassin's Creed starts to become an exploration game,exceptional landscapes and towns but the game itself is weaker and time robbing with each new episode so I stick mostly with the game I love since I saw the first trailer on the Youtube,For Honor.

I had no money to buy back then but I was in every open F2P until I managed to buy the game so I joined the game fully only later.
Beside the many connection problems and being unable to play PvP only PvE(There was a filter which not allowed you to play online if you had a weaker pc)I enjoyed the game and did not gave much about the problems.Then I took a break until I got a new Pc and connection problems were fixed,since then I play whenever my time allows and For Honor is in the last 4 games I ever play.

My favorite faction is the Myre which I enjoy playing a LOT and my secondary are the Knights but only the Warden.Favorite game mode Breach and some Dominion.

Now after introduction the real topic of this thread where I would like to describe it in steps my For Honor experience.

Whenever I start the game I have the enthusiasm and passion like it's a new game until I check upon the Contract Orders...
Now I would like to know why we had to choose a faction?In most of the cases you get Contract Orders which have nothing to do with you faction or what you like and why is that?
I chose the samurais because hooked me and I like to play with them but I am forced to play vikings most of the time or to be more specific and related...There is a script which in most of the cases gives you Contract Orders about things you do less.It's subtle but tested or maybe it was blind luck dunno but with 2 more friends who usually play more duels get less duel contracts and more breach I get more duel contracts and less breach.If I had to rank on a 10 scale,in 8 cases from 10 you get Contracts which you will not like.
I do not understand why is that,because if someone chose vikings let them play vikings if someone chose samurai let them play samurai if someone chose knights let them play knight why have to mess?Why you think we chose that?
So the contract completing here become like a job you dont like...you do not like to do it but you have to and a game should be played for fun in my opinion...
This is the reason why I won't buy the Wu Lin bundle,I do not need any more annoying Contract Orders.

So start finishing the contracts,some time ago I finished in PvP but the number of trolls have increased drastically,I reported them but my game experience was ruined again.On my side some times trolls(for example Shinobi who hit me more than my enemyes) and on the enemy side Abusers who know only 2 key combination but those 2 works wonderful see Orochi and Warden and lately Shugoki plus Black Prior.They are not that hard to deal with because when you get the counter move they just start running from you or 2v1 you but until then they are a pain in the ***.
So i mostly stick with the PvE part where is a lovely BOT feature...Lounge attack,I have tried it myself but for me just does not work out that fine like it does to the bots,god forsake you ever turn back on a BOT he will jump in your neck from across 20 yards and if you dodge roll you are still screwed...see Shaman and Berserker...but still easier to deal with them.

So after a hour or more the annoying contracts unskipable pop up windows that you leveled up,etc are finished(I still do not understand why some unplayed game modes are not removed like you did with the minion kill animation which indeed were liked by many and I miss them too) we can start playing the real game and have some fun.Join in my favorite mode with favorite heroes but I can play 2-3 more turns then I am done I just lost my apetite while completing contracts and I need to take a break.

In a nutshell this is how lately i play For Honor and I still love the game but in my opinion there is really need some improvements and new things and put more accent on factions and not only a color on the map.
For example I would like to see matches where I am only with my faction teammates so I do not have to compete with my teammates for kills and renown.All samurais so the points remains with us.
Some timers and a better map would be nice to have too.
More animation,new skins,new armors... ... and now without minion killing animation I look like and ogre with a stick hitting all in front of me ...its annoying and close to useless so a suggestion.The minions should be targetable in CTRL mode with prioritizing the heroes in the crowd so this way can make some balance if the devs do not want to put the animation back.

This is for now,thank you for reading and leaving constructive or supportive posts and if I see it had an use to write this maybe I write it further to help in the game development as a fan perspective of the game. :)