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02-28-2019, 08:21 PM
I know from past dev comments that the competitive esport scene is where the eventual aim is, I think it is a good aim, it is one that I hope this game or a future iteration makes it to.

As kindly as I can say this, you are not there yet and the ship for getting there in one burst sailed a while ago.

While the devs should not stop thinking about high level play, I think it is a mistake to balance mostly around it as there have been arguments for on the forum and reasoning for in some of the Q&A answers. The reason for that is simple, at this point that scene does not exist. The more competitive players have moved on either to new games or games that are a more polished experience.

The games that you have to compete with to get into that kind of scene, here I am thinking Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, they have had decades and many releases, while I don't think that For Honor will need that long, the game is not yet at that level. To get there you need two things (and could do with others such as spectator mode);

A much more comprehensive matchmaking, Tekken, for example, is praised as having a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling, thing is put a high skill player against a low skill player it will only end one way.

You need to keep the people you have on board while you polish things, while you refine things, and then push to get either an iteration of this a couple years down the line or a sequel onto that scene, for that you need to not leave people feeling not listened to for the sake of a competitive scene that does not exist at the moment.

I want For Honor to get to where you want it, it is a unique experience not following a cookie cutter beat em up template. But it is no shame to not be there yet, the real shame would be never getting there in attempts to get there tomorrow.

03-01-2019, 12:27 PM
I agree. It's fortunate for them that no other experience out there is similar to theirs. However they can't really rely on that. It's good to see the continued support and optimisim of the devs. But they need to do much more. And they can't afford to stay this slow when it comes to adjusting the game. Big changes like spectator mode or core changes to the games base mechanics? Sure. But simple hero adjustments need to be more frequent. And bugs when presented on them need to be squashed sooner. Not later.

03-01-2019, 08:11 PM
Thank you Candle. I know the team is aware of the impacts that balance changes will have across skill levels and modes. While the anti-Out of Lock changes to Warlord and (eventually) Shinobi are competitive-orientated, most of the other character balance changes have been requested by a wide range of players (especially Shugoki and LB, and also Raider to some extent).

If you're thinking of any specific topics where a change ran counter to what would have worked best for Average Joe For Honor player, feel free to expand on that. Happy to pass anything to the dev team.