View Full Version : rotational hinge snags

02-28-2019, 05:07 AM
rotational hinges snag, while rolling, as if they hit something.

the chances of them snagging is increased if they are being used as a wheel and with a more complex vehicle its like hitting a wall.

you can recreate the bug with a simple custom bike design (unpowered) 2 wheels one dummy and 2 simple rotational hinges for the wheels.
set it up on a shallow slope so that it rolls very slowly downhill and before long the hinge will snag making the vehicle slow or stop. sometimes with enough force to send it backwards.
the bug appears with some force if the snag happens to a wheel that has suspension (powered or unpowered)

i tried to recreate the effect when the vehicle is suspended so that the wheels are not touching the floor. i gave the hinge a small force just to get it to turn in mid air and then stopped the force so that it turned by itself and could not repeat the bug.

i also tested to see if it was an alignment issue. its not
if it was an issue with multi axis hinge or while allowing linear movement. its not.
with varying hinge strength and weights of attached objects, still no
resetting ps4 didnt work

currently i am on ps4 but ive been having this issue since fusion on xbox 360.

i like to make off road cars and until now i wasnt sure if it was due to complexity. but as i said above i recreated the bug with a very simple design.

02-28-2019, 09:03 AM
Yep, I call em 'invisible rocks'. Existed since Evolution. Happens more often with the terrain than platforms. The only work around I found is to give your vehicle extra looseness in the joint so that when the wheel snags it stretches out more.