View Full Version : [TSHC] Changelog 27 February

02-27-2019, 03:04 PM
The Settlers IV History Edition
Fixed some causes for Fatal Error to happen and the game to crash. (We are still working on improving and fixing other various issues related to this topic.)
Fixed an issue where the “Maya music” would not start after a fight / combat situation

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition
Fixed several localization issues in German language
Fixed an issue where a farmer spawned at the village center to work as a barkeeper. It will now spawn the appropriate unit

The Settlers VII Paths to a Kingdom History Edition
Added missing Club Rewards localization for several languages
Fixed an issue where the game would de-synchronize when creating a multiplayer game with “co-op mode” applied
Fixed an issue where the window “Achievement unlocked” would pop up several times
Fixed an issue that the lobby was not updated correctly when adding AI