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02-26-2019, 10:37 PM
So in short where do I follow updates, patches,reworks, any links to share? What are the usual times for waiting? Did Ubi said anything about what are they planing to do in foreseeable future? I am a player from beta, skipped 2 or 3 seasons coz I didnt liked the state of the game and in this season balance is again the issue. Once I suggested that all heroes need more moves and today only Tiandi fits in that description, left, right, up? He has in every direction short, medium, long attacks or better yet what Tiandi doesnt have? XD


02-26-2019, 11:38 PM
The For Honor reddit is, unfortunately, the best place for viewing updates and various explanations other than hearing about them first on a Warrior's Den. They're usually written in the first two topics on the page. The place even has a section where players can freely ask anything and get a quick answer. If you haven't caught up with reworks up until now, I suggest just watching a video on YT, there are plenty.

''Usual times for waiting'' does this refer to their speed of launching updates or Dens? The devellopers are abysmally slow in updating and balancing the game, by far one of the worst I've seen in a PvP game. Apparently there will be a midseason patch this time, which is an exceptionally rare occurance. As for the Dens, there's one every week. Try to catch it tomorrow as the head balance dev will be answering questions, which is bound to be important and hilarious at the same time.

02-27-2019, 12:20 AM
Thx for the info EvoX