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02-26-2019, 04:10 AM
So as usual I do love me a bit of JD but over time you gather a few thoughts and here are mine.

Feedback on choreography :

More of the extreme please! These are awesome, just seeing a dancer apparently showing off is great, not to mention the laughter and exercise ensuing trying to keep up.

Please more dances with both sides of the body used! Right now I have the right arm and leg of a professional wrestler and bull respectively, but my left arm and leg are wet noodles barely capable of holding my weight. I put this down to my JD addiction and how there are barely any dances that utilize both sides of the body equally, most steps and arm moves are for the right hand side of the body only with no mirrored move. It's fun as an exception, less as the rule.

Next I think I'm gonna need replacement knees. It feels like JD2019 really upped the "wobbly knee move" game... and I'm sorry, but I really don't like it. I know the Ministry of Silly Walks has sanctioned the knocked knees hogmanay and it's hilarious the first time you encounter it at a party, but at home on what feels like every dance it actually hurts, in previous JD's it was just one or two songs tops.

Feedback on the songs :

Ok, so how do I get my songs on JD? Because obviously the path goes : Total Anonymity => JD => Coachella & Grammy, the parts after JD are at this point a given and based on my statistical analysis this seems like the quickest and easiest route to fame and fortune.

Second. Could the song playlist be balanced less by what people vote on and more on what people don't vote on. It seems to me the ones that people are tired of they won't vote on, and the ones they really don't like they'll never vote for. But sometimes they'll vote against one even if it means picking a song they're not that fond of. So if the playlist algorithm simply made songs that are less voted on or that people leave during (or during the run up to) less likely to come up, then it'd constantly churn the songs but at the same time keep players happier with what's coming up.

Third. Happy Hour - Needs to actually be an hour. In fact I don't quite get why if you've got unlimited the world dance floor can't be in permanent happy hour. Clearly it has a dramatic impact on player numbers, everyone has access to unlimited for a couple of weeks when they first buy and anyone still playing after a couple of weeks is pretty likely to have unlimited. There are enough players to support two versions of the world dance floor.

UI :

I don't change my setup often. I'd like to just set JD to use the Kinect once and then never see the selection screen again.

Same kinda goes for Kids/Adults version, I just want to jump right in and dance!

In fact that's in general. I like having the news/new stuff page, but I'd like to have fewer moves/clicks to get to what I want to do. Let me get dancing super quick!

Anyhow, keep on making more JD's, it's brilliant fun and hilarious and surprisingly great exercise too. Just hopefully you can make a few tweaks for next time around.

02-27-2019, 02:58 AM
I'm glad to hear your enjoying it, despite some of the Silly Walk inspired moves. I'll be sure pass along your feedback to the team!

07-30-2019, 08:17 AM
I'm glad to hear your enjoying it, despite some of the Silly Walk inspired moves. I'll be sure pass along your feedback to the team!

I would like to add something about the the Korean song's choreography is that the Just Dance versions needs to match the same level of difficulty or energy as the official Korean choreography. Don't forget it. More info here: