View Full Version : Will multiplayer last this time?

02-25-2019, 03:25 AM
One of reasons i haven't played previous versions of game much is due to no live multiplayer, either dead or not working. Single player is good practice and good for leveling up and such but what makes a game like this is it's multiplayer. Being that this game plays like ghost racing where you can't really interact with players by bumping into them and such lag/ping shouldn't be much of an issue, it shouldn't be hard to find a match if your searching players all around world instead of many small servers, yet previous games I still didn't have much luck finding matches. I just booted up Fusion and tried many times, thinking maybe people will be playing hyped up for Trials Rising, nope, keeps timing out no matches found. (since open beta nothing is saved i don't see much point in continuing to play beta yet, waiting for release)

So what do you guys think, will it be better this time? Or do majority of this player base simply stick to single player and playing maps against ghosts and simply see no need to play live with other people?

Just curious what you guys think, at least we should have multiplayer active early on, i just hope it stays active this time instead of going dead quickly like previous games it seems.

02-25-2019, 12:51 PM
Hey :)

I think for a solid multiplayer experience they need to make sure the tracks are trials tracks rather than supercross. Supercross is what killed multiplayer in my opinion.

Also maybe bringing back the hardcore mode where you can only play hard and extreme tracks as this was much more competitive.

I am hoping like you that multiplayer is active and will remain active for a very long time!