View Full Version : [PC] No rumble triggers support?

02-24-2019, 03:56 PM
I am wondering, is this just an open beta thing, or does the game (again) not support trigger rumble on PC with xbox one controllers?

I know there are players who don`t care for such things, but as someone who learned Trials on Xbox One, not having this kind of feedback is really ...meh.
The general (non-trigger) rumble doesn`t feel very informative on the open beta either.

Since I am here already, I`ll add my general feedback as well.
The core gameplay feels as good as ever imo, the customization seems fun and given the fair pricing I already preordered.
But tbh. everything around it feels like a step in the wrong direction for me.
Why trade the perfectly clean, fast and informative UI layout for a slow, confusing and uninformative world map? The "travel the world" notion could have been handled in the background while keeping everything quick and direct.
In similar fashion the lootbox animations are just a pointless time waster.

Imo being "quick to play" was a quite essential part of Trials, not just through the instant retry/reset, but also through the general structure of the UI.
I`d wish Rising would have stuck with that straight approach.

Still, I am sure I`ll have enough fun with it. :)