View Full Version : Times and faults

02-24-2019, 07:37 AM
So I was wondering if we could have a board at the end of each race like in the other trials where it shows everyone’s time and faults because had some close games with friends but never been able to compare the time between us.

02-28-2019, 05:26 AM
I just came here to post almost same thing. In multiplayer it's kind of a bummer only thing you see is how many "points" you get,, whatever those are, i guess just to have a way to determine final placement at the end of 3 races. But there is all this empty space and it would be cool to see what the actual times are that other players got.

A lot of games do something like this

1st player : 1:00:000 (min:sec:milsec)
2nd player: +2.023 seconds
3rd player: +5.590 seconds


Or just displaying all the times. This is always nice to see how far apart you actually are,, especially for close finishes. I had one tonight where me and other guy seemed to pass finish line at same time. but i had no idea what actual split was, as no way to see this information and kinda a bummer :)