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02-23-2019, 08:44 PM
In order to push cross-platform features further than we have in the past a Ubisoft Account will be required to access online features on all platforms. In Trials Fusion we were unable to display usernames across platforms and had to use a generic name, FusionShared, as the creator profile for tracks shared cross-platform. By using Ubisoft Accounts we can ensure that in Trials Rising proper usernames can be displayed on creations, leaderboard entries & profiles on all platforms. Browsing the Gear Store or Track Central and stumble across something that catches your eye, now you’ll be able see who created what regardless of which platform they’re on.

After reading the above quote from Dev Dairy #4 I was under the impression that we would have one display name. However after playing the open beta on both PC and Xbox One I realised that is not the case.

So at first when I checked my leaderboard scores on both platforms they were showing the same score and rank but different display names. It seemed to be using my best score from xbox (rank 94 in UK region) regardless of where I was logged in. But just before posting this I checked them again on PC and now it was showing my PC score (rank 302 UK region).

So whats going on? Are my scores being double posted or are they jumping up and down as I log in from different platforms?

But my main concern is with track central. If I post tracks from both PC and Xbox are they going to show different display names?

If someone from Ubi could shed some light I would really appreciate it.


02-23-2019, 09:03 PM
Was about to ask something to that regard aswell, have played on both ps4 and pc, linked my account on both but progress was reset on pc. (played on ps4 first)
My ps4 name is different from my uplay name so I'm guessing there is either a problem there or the cross platform functionality isnt fully implemented for the open beta maybe?
The Open Beta Name of the Watermark is different aswell.
Hoping I can share my progress with the full game atleast

An answer to that would be much appreciated, if someone from ubi answers here overall

02-23-2019, 10:52 PM
I never realised there is a separate forum for the beta. If a mod wants to move this thread there please do. I found similar topics but nothing that clarify's my particular questions.

02-24-2019, 10:23 PM
Bump - so it seems display names are local.

Does this mean if I post a track from xbox everyone on xbox will see my gamertag but everyone on PC and PS4 will see my uplay name? That would be confusing.

Please confirm before release.