View Full Version : Some minor suggestions I think would help a lot

02-23-2019, 04:21 PM
So I have a fair few suggestions I think could streamline the game and generally improve the user experience. These are all small things I really hope can be considered.

- A single button linked to the map that you can press anywhere in the menus for a fast return back to the tracks would be really nice.
- Single buttons for viewing replay and racing ghosts. This would just be so much better.
- An option to move the controller overlay to the middle or right side seeing as it sometimes gets in the way of the bike when playing.
- Being able to access the leaderboard while playing a track is a must.
- A rewind feature in the replays would be such a time saver when viewing certain sections of a run. I dont know if its difficult to implement or not, but this is probably THE
feature Id like to see in Rising.
- Play time measured only when playing tracks like in Fusion. Having it count menu time (as it seems like its doing now) is so misleading and doesnt really make sense.
- Making the transtion between transparent and not transparent ghost smooth would look way nicer

02-25-2019, 02:51 PM
- Option to hide the track progression bar in the top right
- When hiding the UI in replays having the option to keep only the timer
- Having the ability to choose what ghosts to have active
- Make all replays watchable