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02-22-2019, 06:34 PM
The Blue Beanines is a group who all met playing The Division. We are a multi talented group who enjoys every aspect of the game. Moving into D2 we want to branch out and find other like minded players. Although we take the game seriously the key aspect we look for is those who play for fun. Based in the USA, we do not discriminate aginst your locaton as many of us play all hours of day/night. We use mic to communcate about the game but also to just talk, BS and even bust one here and there, all in good fun.

Minus a few exceptions the following are requirements to join the clan upon release of D2:
1. Must be over the age of 21. An exception can be made for players who are younger but the player will have to prove they are mature and will maintain recruit status longer
2. Must have a mic and speak english at least as a second language.
3. Must not object to going rogue or hunting rogues in the DZ. As a clan we enjoy both aspects quite a bit.

There is no requirements on how often you play with us, but if you are inactive for a long perid of time and we need the additional slot for new active members we may reevaluete your postion .

Intersted parties can message constantkiller34 on PSN and/or respond to this thread.