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02-22-2019, 05:07 PM
The first suggestion I have is about the world map, yes the world map looks amazing, it's a really cool idea and it fits the theme of the game, however moving around the world map is simply a pain, I'm not saying CHANGE the world map, I'm just asking you to please please PLEASE give the option to just show the tracks in a listed format if desired, sorted into easy, medium, hard etc.

yes I know there's options to filter the world map but it's still a pain moving around the map, I know SEVERAL people who are planning on putting hours upon hours into this game have all said the same thing, the world map just isn't an easy way to select tracks, especially since you don't know what the track is before hovering over it. I'm begging you to please consider this.

The second suggestion is to do with ghosts. I love the look of the new ghosts, they look great. But why can't I race other people as well as myself? Or maybe myself and whoever is in first place out of all my friends? I just feel that more control over what ghosts you see will be something I would use an insane amount. I just don't like that the only options I have is either 3 seemingly random people, or one single person of my choice. Feels like a huge step backwards compared to fusion and evo.

The game is great, the beta is great, I understand that drastic changes are unreasonable to ask for, but I feel like these are such minor things that would make a huge difference to the people who play your game the most.


02-22-2019, 09:37 PM

It'd be cool to get an option to switch between PB/Friend/Next Friend ghosts lik in Fusion :D