View Full Version : Patch Notes [February 22th, 2018]

02-22-2019, 04:54 PM
Hello everyone!

Here’s a rundown of some topics we added to Sam this week:

New Conversation Topics (Over 20!)


Do you know Clippy?
Who's Elo?
What's a boss key?
I just want to talk!
I'm leaving!
I'm so tired
2 new super secret Easter Eggs

Rainbow Six Siege

What's planned for Year 4 of Rainbow Six Siege?
Which Rainbow Six map will be reworked? (question)
What's reverse friendly fire?
Who won the Six Invitational?
Tell me more about Outback (Updated!)
Give me tips for Mozzie?
Tell me about the pro league! (Updated!)
Give me tips for Gridlock?
Tell me about burnt horizon!
I'm color blind, how can I play Rainbow Six Siege?
Tell me about Hibana Elite!
Tell me about test server! (Updated!)
What's the latest designer notes? (Updated!)
What's new on Rainbow Six (Updated!)
What's the minimum level to play ranked in Rainbow Six? (Updated!)

Far Cry

How do I defeat Lou and Mickey?
Who are The Twins?
Who's Mickey?
Who's Lou?

Bug Fixes

Minor Bug fixes

Ubisoft Club Team