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02-22-2019, 11:09 AM

I have been playing this game since it got it from the free PS Plus games. It's not my first experience, but this time I am really hooked (I played both closed and open betas but I didn't finally buy it because I got other things that looked more interesting at the moment).

After playing a few days I decided I should check ranked duels. As far as i know they have better rewards and there is nothing to lose but a hit or two to my ego, something I was ready for :-D.

I am currently at account Reputation 3, and I am maining a conqueror. My experience is still very limited, but I know the basics and I fare fairly well against the most played character classes, I only struggle (and lose) against the least played classes.

I didn't fare very well during the qualifying fights. My memory is very bad, but if I remember properly I had an almost 50% win ratio, winning 8 of the 15 fights (some of them against silver ranked players) and lost the rest, most of them by a narrow margin. That landed me at Bronze V, around 90%, I guessed it is not that bad, I was a step away from silver, and It didn't look like I was on a very elite zone.

My doubt comes here. Most of the time I win I earn 0% advancement, I don't know what my K/D ratio is in ranked duels, but I would dare to say that I kill more than I die, and I indeed win more than I lose. But most of the time I get 0% advancement (I tend to get 1% advancement each 4 consecutive wins), but always I lose I get -1% or even -2%, even that time I lost 2-3 against a reputation 72 silver player who was using a shaman.

I once reached 98% advancement, that got me in high spirits, thinking silver was just a step away, but the matchmaking system placed me thrice in a row against the same player with a shinobi character. That is one of the classes I do not know. At that moment all I could do against that sickle and chain was try to not to die a very humiliating death and offer a bit of a fight so the other player doesn't get bored. But the player was doing his work well, he spammed a ranged grab once and again until I died. It bored and frustrated me. Plus it made my rank to go down a few points. The fourth time in a row I saw that name in the matchmaking I exited the game immediately, that wasn't any fun for me.

When I logged back in the game welcomed me with a 50% rank penalty (which dropped me to the lower 50% advancement) and half an hour ban from ranked duels. Well... I guess I deserved it, no biggies. At least now that I'm lower I will get better advancement, I thought.

But the fact is that my advancement is even slower. I got a very nice winning streak yesterday. I didn't count them, but I bet I won 10 or 12 matches in a row, some of them unscathed, even one of them against a Reputation 20+ character. And My grand total advancement ammounted for 4% (Which I lost later).

Is it so hard for everyone to advance in the ranking system? Is it because I have low reputation so there is some hidden system that says I must be there? I am a newbie, so is it because I am fighting the worst of the worst players and that's why I am getting any advancement? Despite the fact I am in ~50% bronze the game says I am on the top 93%, does it mean I am on the worst 7% of all players? That's mean, I though I knew I am not good yet, but not so bad.

This system feels so discouraging...

Thanks in advance for your time. Any thoughts?

Best regards.

P.S: Sorry about my english, I'm spanish.

02-22-2019, 10:42 PM
That's how ranked works here. You are penalized for losing much more than you are rewarded for winniing. This has everything to do with the rank of your opponent - what you have listed, like K/D ratio, consecutive wins, narrow wins or losses, reputation level of opponents does not matter. All of those factors are completely irrelevant, all that counts in this game and affects your rank is winning or losing and what rank was the opponent you beat or got defeated by.

As far as I know, it's even more harsh in the lower ranks since those ranks in general give very little progression and you can only move up if you're truly above your current rank. In other words, losing even once to a fellow Bronze rank would significantly decrease your chances of ranking up because of how negatively it affected your MMR. To get to Silver, you'd have to consistently beat players of that rank, and pretty much never lose to a Bronze.

You being the worst 7% of players is completely normal. You're very new and inexperienced, and this game in general is not newbie-friendly at all. Something like that bothering you makes no sense.

Don't get discouraged. Contrary to popular opinion, I think the system very accurately determines the appropriate rank for players. In my early days with this game, I was frustrated that I was more or less stuck in Gold 3, but next season I instantly landed Platinum 4. As soon as you take a leap in skill, the system will recognize that and move you up. Just be patient and play normally.

02-22-2019, 11:53 PM
I've seen players of varying skill levels report that advancement is slow, and I'll continue passing on feedback to the team. EvoX is right though: gains & losses are dependent on the opponent's skill level.

02-25-2019, 09:49 AM
Thanks a lot for the answers!

Knowing that I am not the only one who has such a slow progression makes me feel better.

Best regards.