View Full Version : FH team, you really don't see it?

02-22-2019, 03:03 AM
Don't you see the level of acceptance of this game has been going down? Don't you see more high level players are dropping this game? Don't you realize most of your changes and new characters are simply not welcomed AT ALL by MOST of the community? Are you really that blind? Or probably your strategy is to claim you "listen" to your community but do the very opposite to kick us out of this game as long as you keep doing money by selling broken DLC heroes? I only see people complaining in this forum...

02-22-2019, 09:31 AM
That might be, because people who doesn't have anything to complain about don't post their excitement in this forum.
Forums are usually full of whiners or raging people. That's in the nature of humans. Telling people what they did wrong is easier than to praise their good work.

This Forum contains maybe 0,1% of the player base. Probably even less. If you add reddit to the list you might get 1%. So it might be, that we have 99% happy For Honor players.

02-22-2019, 09:41 AM
Maybe they see it but they donīt care.

And every single player that payed for that totally overpriced season pass told them that this is ok by doing it. When I heard my Buddy bought that pass I wanted to punch him in the face so bad. His luck he lives on another continent (of course I wouldnīt have punched him seriously)

I will get all the new chars but I will use steel and not real money, FH is one of the biggest cashgrab games ever which is such a shame because the game itself could be one of the best in itīs niche genre but kills itself with almost every update a lttle more.

I blame the greed of the Devs