View Full Version : Monster Mash Issue

02-21-2019, 05:47 PM
I am rank 306 on monster mash duel and it is matching me against Raon GT4 who is rank 1.
I can't PB unless I come first.... :)

Also the same case on Monster Mash Supercross, I am rank 96 and it's matching me with Raon GT4, Luxion and Snaucy, the 3 of them are ranked top 3 in that order and I can't PB unless I come 2nd :)

02-22-2019, 01:47 AM
Same problem here. Trying to upgrade from a gold medal to platinum on Monster Mash Supercross, but it matches me against the top 3 times in the world and unless you place top 2, it won't save your PB time.