View Full Version : After Beta and changes i think the creators should focus on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-21-2019, 05:14 PM
While the game looks fresh and revised well there are still several flaws we have seen since the privet beta. A few glitches with graphics being see-thru and Npc walking into walls. latly i have also replayed the first division and noticed a tread that the creators have seemed to leave out as a repeated mistake. While stated they learned from the first game it seems that focusing on a PVP style end game is not what alot of players have wanted. Or at least give more PVE experience as well as the pvp. However it seems the focus is again "Endgame PVP" Focus. Not all players want a PVP focus and it leaves many non pvp players bored and or felt left out. Another issue that has been brought up several times is a issue that we have seen quit a bit in the first game. Thats the Cronus and Titan 2 usb hacking issue. I have yet to see any safe gaurd to shoe away players from a repeated issue that plagued the first game for over a year. I would like some clearity to a few questions if possible since the beta test forums seem to been ignored or post removed for some reason.

1. Are any methods being taken to stop the repeated usb hack issue?

2.Outside of little story expansions will player be forced once again to PVP/DZ endgame "Found this beyound boring in Division 1"

3. Will game Modes be returning such as Survival, underground, resistance, Raids/Incursions?

4.More active feed back from any testing problems? example as forums provide issues from testing new content yet very few are answered.

5. DZ migrational issues or team X? example farm killing players entering DZ/ Inviting friends to make 8-12 man rogue partys "was a issue even in beta" also why many have asked for a PVE DZ as no1 finds it fun to be killed over and over just stepping out the entrance door.

While these are a few of my questions and thoughts since all the streaming posts i would be thankful for any answers from the DE team or even other players to see more of there thoughts on it. Again im not judging pvp players or discouraging them, simple not all of us cared for PVP style content that we had to be forced into to get specific items or gear. PVP i myself have done and for a short while found fun. thank you!